Next Shard Supplement

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    • Hey there Mruf!

      The World Guide has an additional section with new monsters (the native "suthra" beasts of the world) that is still in the process of being created and added), and there are a number of changes to the current text that I want to make before it's ready to be published...

      However, until the work on the Magic and Martial Arts book gets done, I have to set the World Guide to the side so I can focus...

      Scottie ^^
    • Just a quick update... As of this coming Monday, the last bit of Indexing for the "Magic and Martial Arts" book will be complete! Once that's done, we have fewer than 20 unfinished images to complete and implant,...and then we can send off the final files to the printer!!! It's incredibly exciting for us to finally usher this book into the light of day after so long!

      It's a hard final grind,...but it's happening right now!!! Check out this thread for teasers as we can post them...
      Some Teasers for Magic and Martial Arts!?

      Scottie ^^
    • As of today, we are only ten images from being totally content complete! The Index is finished, the layout is essentially complete, and we're merely waiting for/working on the last of the art... A time-frame's difficult to nail down because we're depending on out-of-house contract work (some without certain time-frames), and because we, ourselves, can't work on it every single day, but we're hoping about four-to-five weeks from now to have it all in hand and ready to send off... From that point, it will be about four months before the final product gets delivered to our Publisher's warehouse...
    • As of a few minutes ago I just spoke with Scott and the latest book is so close to being finished we can all practically taste it!!!!!
      There have been a few sneak peaks shown on this forum so please please PLEASE, do yourself a favor and look over the many different threads and see what is new.... After all there is no need to remain in suspense any longer than you have to, I promise you will be glad you did and what you see is guaranteed to drive your already creative imagination into overdrive with exciting possible new concepts and adventure Ideas, and as always if you have questions we are but a finger tap away here on the forum to help in what ever way we can to make sure you enjoy this game with your friends and loved ones.
      I do not know about you but for me myself if there was a way to do nothing but play this game on a continual basis with my closest friends that would be the closest thing to heaven on earth I could imagine, it REALLY is that good!!!! So much so I find myself wanting to share it with everyone I meet. I have little doubt that if you like what you have seen so far, that once the remaining books have been released you and I both will be shouting from the mountain tops side by side about the wonderful fun to be had in this game.... Who knows perhaps one day we will have the pleasure of meeting you alive in person at one of our booths at a convention. People like yourself make the whole experience of this game even better by the conversations you generate and the sense of general friendship we are able to generate through the medium of the game, and I would personally like to take the time to thank you again for your brilliant mind and input, it keeps me excited about the game and takes my own mind in directions it may not have gone without your assistance! EXCELLENT WORK!