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    • Next Shard Supplement

      Hey Folks,

      I wanted to ask Shard fans what they'd prefer to see as Shard Studios' next offering. We're discussing producing a supplement between 250-300 pages, hardcover and in full color like the Basic Compendium, with tons of great new art.

      Right now, we're considering one of two supplements:

      1) The Shard World Guide, which would be full of source material on the world of Dardunah, including sections on countries, customs, religion, medicine, economics, flora and fauna (including 40 new critters), as well as several sample NPCs.


      2) The Shard Magic & Martial Arts Guide,which would come packed full of new magical disciplines and traditions (including many new ways to use Darduni magic), and new martial arts styles (complete with rules for multi-maneuvers and the histories of said martial schools), as well as over 60 new animal templates, and several martial artist NPCs.

      We'd love to hear from you. Which of those would you prefer to have as your next Shard book?

    • A true toss up...both would be great and snatched up right away. If I had to choose I would go with the world book, but immediately followed by second guessing myself and going for the M.A. & Magic supplement.

      Finishing up another game before I start my Shard campaign in January or February, so happy for whatever comes next, since I have yet to truly scratch the game surface as yet.
    • Next Supplement

      Not yet. We wanna wait and let some more fans weigh in with their opinions. Right now, though, it looks like we're leaning toward the World Guide, but if my plate gets full (I'm pitching a novel on proposal in the next couple of months), we may switch to the Magic and Martial Arts, which will require less of my time.

      Fortunately, we have some great writers lined up to help write the supplement, so I'm very excited. :)
    • Ok, my knee jerk answer is YES! I want both of those books for my collection and gaming needs. But if I look at what would get more use at the game table for my group...I would have to go with the World Book.

      A big draw for my gaming group with playing Shard was the openness of the system. The fact that the fighting and magic was very much whatever you make of it. That you as the play have crazy amounts of narrative control of how you get your magic and martial arts on. So the magic & martial arts book would be nice but not the most need of the 2 at present.

      The world is what everyone wants to know more about. In our game the hook is that we are searching the land, very Kung Fu like, seeking advanture and missing sons of the sultan. So learning about the world is what our game is about. The world book would be great help to everyone in the game, GM and players alike.

      Well that's my 2 cents as it pertains to my gaming group specifically.
      Mario Dongu
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    • Oy! I'd like both, but here is my 'honest player' opinion...

      As a player, and sometimes even as a GM, I admittedly don't read the books. I'll read what I figure is necessary and skim the rest. Especially when I'm crunched for time to read before the game starts up. So the idea of a magic and martial arts book makes the most sense to my style of 'prep' and makes me a little giddy at the specialization for characters.

      That being said... I'm gonna buy both books and read them eventually ;)
    • Hmmm... Both sound incredibly tempting... But I've always been a fighter at heart, so i'd have to vote for the Magic&Martial Arts book myself... These a lot more "OOhh! lookit what I can do!" to be had in that (Plus I'm a player, so I'd like more options on how to make a new character... like I need them >.>...)

      Just sayin'. But I'd grab both in a heartbeat if I could.

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    • Talk about a conundrum, do I want more PC races (animal templates), or do I want beasties? Yes!
      I guess if I had to pick I would go with the beasties (just because of the lack of them), but I won’t look the other book (magic) in the mouth either.
      I know the fighting styles are eastern influenced; however, I would love to see some Native American style wrestling presented as well, and a berserker! :P Eastern styles revolve around composure and carefully planned and placed actions, but some animal's demeanors are directly opposed to such, like the wolverine.

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