Animal Template cards

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    • Animal Template cards

      Joe Kentspeth and I were talking yesterday about an idea for 4"x6" cards with the animal templates on them. Perhaps as an alternative product to further supplement books filleds with animal templates. They would be very like some of the animal encyclopedia cards that came out in the 70s thru the 90s. They could be broken up into Sarpa Paksin and Vajra sets, perhaps even subgroups of cats, ungulates, or herbivors / carnivors. and come in sets of maybe 10 to 20. PLUS, the extra sell for the packs would be having a CD with pre-made, editable and printable character sheets for each animal card in the set, with all the basic template information allready input and simply awaiting stat changes to modify skill and ability dice pools and with all the animal abilities and talents and drawbacks allready entered. I'm envisioning a simple HTML program or editable PDF or something to allow for necessary editing. And if they sold for a reasonable price, say, $7 to $15, you could make more money sellig the packs than you would by merely selling one book. Although to really get all the sales possible, it would be worth it to have a compendium book as well, maybe offered after the card packs had been on shelves for a year or two. What does anyone else think of this idea?
      "Daggra" means "Enemy" in Tibetan.
      "Chora" means "Thief" in Sanskrit.
    • RE: Animal Template cards

      Sounds like a cool idea! It's just the "CD with pre-made, editable and printable character sheets" that makes me think,...."Hmnnn,..who's going to creat this 'editable' thing,..and in what program?" Sounds like some coding to me,..and I'm not sure what resource I'd tap to do that.... The only editable things I know how to do are in files created by Photoshop, or Word, or In-Design... How would you suggest these get made?

      Scottie ^^
    • In the Army, I've been working with a system called PureEdge which is something simliar to the PDF editing thing Daelda mentioned. There are also means by which someone could use Microsoft Excell or Microsoft Access to create a program that'll load an editable template based on your profession, etc etc.

      PureEdge, IMO would be perfect. You could make individual XFDL files for each template, load up the template in PureEdge and presto, a player now has a character sheet with a protrait of their desired character and a fully made out sheet all nice and neat.

      Now that I'm thinking about it, why not just create an editable PDF file and use/send with the CD Adobe Reader to edit the PDF?

      (the rest of the crap I just spewed out mainly concerns the online character generator idea you have/had)

      Additionally, there is a program that I used to use for Shadowrun.
      A simple search on the internet helped me to remember the name of the generator: NSRCG. It's the second link under if you do a search for: Shadowrun Character Generator. Mainly I am refering to this in order to give you some idea of what I think would be decent for use as a character generator.

      Finally Sorry for the random spacing after a sentence or two (and the somewhat chaotic post). Typically I type up posts in between doing paperwork in my office so my spacing is generally in between each thought I put down before alt+tabbing back to paperwork.

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    • Yep,..actually,..since you and Daelda responded, DOES look like the original functionality that Ghorum originally suggested WILL INDEED be a part of the Online Character Generator that I'm currently cookin' up (Do you smell what the Scott is cookin'!!)... In that generator,..once you choose your Jenu type, all pertinant info will be placed into the interactive sheet....

      Should be cool!!!

      I really do still like the idea of Animal Template Packs, though,..and if I find that there is an easy way to ge t them created and packaged, may solve the problem of having to wait till my artist/helpers are able to complete the next 90 before I publish a single supplement. I could just sorta parcel them out as packets as they get done!

      Scottie ^^