Wondering about new product

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    • Wondering about new product

      So I have read all the stuff i bought at the shop i game at. It is all very amazing product! I was just curious when the magic and martial arts books were being released, last i heard was September but have seen nothing about them any where. I am patient but i was curious cause I am waiting to start running til i can get these books.

      Thank you again for a great product and hope to hear about this soon.

    • RE: Wondering about new product

      Hey Boojie!

      We're hoping to get the Magic and Martial Arts book done by the end of the year (this is a single book, which we hope to follow up with the World Guide, which we'll be busy editing throughout this entire upcoming year)... Sadly there have been a lot of things that have gotten in the way of our original hoped-for progress, and though we may be done within a few months, there's still the printing process and shipping to be dealt with, so the books may not appear on the shelves as a physical product till sometime during the beginning quarter of next year... We are still debating about when to release the PDF by itself, and we may decide to let that be sold early while waiting for the printing to be completed...

      We'll be sure to let everyone know when all this happens...

      Please forgive us the delays, but we want to make sure our product is absolutely polished before we release it to the public... We hope it will be worth the wait, but please don't wait for these upcoming books to be published to enjoy the game... The game is quite fun even without this expanded material, and though we're pretty sure you'll enjoy the extra stuff, the basic rules really have everything you need to play the game and have a great time! In the meantime, we'll continue to release bits and pieces of both books to get you guys ready for when they finally begin hitting the shelves...

      For now, at least, take care,...and check out some of the preview tidbits that are already beginning to appear on the forums!

      Scottie ^^
    • So, as you have seen, many years have passed since my last response to you, and in another recent posing on this forum I explained why, but I wanted to reach out to you specifically to let you know that, believe it or not, all of this has not been forgotten, nor was it all in vain... As of this Monday, the entire text of the Magic and martial Arts book has been complete, has been edited, will have been Indexed properly, and now the only thing left to do is finish and implant the last dozen or so images...and we're finally sending the long-awaited Magic and Martial Arts book to the printers!!!!

      In the next few weeks, as we finalize all of the art and do one final glance-through to make sure formatting has remained intact, my new business partner and I will be uploading sneak-preview tidbits to show off some of the new things included in the book!

      Take care, and forgive us the terrible delays that we have finally defeated and re-emerged from intact...

      Scottie ^^
    • I am so glad that you are still willing to give us the chance to reveal what we truly have to offer. Make no mistake it will be well worth the wait and I have little doubt you will treasure the new release as much as we have enjoyed creating it and presenting it to such wonderful and dedicated players such as yourself. Thank you!