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    • Hi all, recently been lurking around the Shard web site and decided to join in. I haven't done a lot of gaming though I love the Shard story background and the dynamics of the game. Main reason I haven't played a lot is I don't know that many people in my area that does gaming and I'm chicken to go look for others. I would love to get into playing Shard and build up my experience with the game.
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    • Hey there Vailen!

      Welcome to the forums, I'm glad you decided to come and join us!

      If you want to find to find a gaming group in your local area, I'm sure there's a way to do just that!

      However, if you can consider the option of playing in an online session over skype, other VOIP or chat it'll probably easier to find players!

      I'll send you a PM! :)
    • RE: New here

      Well, I understand your reluctance to put yourself out there but tabletop gaming is a pretty intimate experience so you'll have to get over your shyness at some point. My best games are sometimes at conventions and local game clubs when I'm playing with complete strangers. Thankfully, I've met a lot of wonderful people over the years, and full disclosure more than a few odd-ducks as well but that's what's magical about tabletop rpgs.

      Local game stores frequently have open game nights where you can just show up and play no materials or experience required and any university will have a game club open to new members. Just snoop around a bit and get your game on.

      This Shard community has been quiet of late but we're a friendly and enthusiastic bunch (pack? gaggle?) and the developers Aaron and Scott make frequent visits so if you have any questions fire away. We're here to help.


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    • RE: New here

      Hey there! And welcome!

      Just like ReaperWolf and Shebie say,...there's loads of ways to play if you look for them in the places they mention...

      Online is a great place to start, since it gives you the ability to get to know folks from a distance, while in the comfort of your own home...

      And if you enjoy going to hobby and game shops near you, most of them I know near me host gaming nights like the ones ReaperWolf mentions, which can be a lot of fun, no matter what game you like to play.... Folks doing those are usually always looking to fill their tables with fun players, and they're often agreeable to trying new games, like SHARD, too!

      Check 'em out, and see how it feels!

      In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to start a post here on the forums!

      Scottie ^^
    • Thanks for the welcome and info. I'll have to start looking around my area. I know of one guy but to get to his place is a bit of a drive to get there. There's a gaming convention called Mace West I was thinking of going to next weekend. Was thinking of going after my 5k Run on Saturday.
      I am what I am and proud of it