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    • I was pointed towards Shard a couple of years ago, by Emerald Flame of Furcadia, and I am glad to say that after all this time, I have finally been able to purchase a copy.
      I just finished reading through the Basic Compendium a couple of nights ago, and I am really excited about putting together a campaign for my gaming group.
      Thank you Scott and Aaron for putting out such an incredible game. I can't wait to get my hands on future supplements.
    • Yes indeed! Welcome Grymmly!

      Emerald Flame is an absolute sweetheart... I'm so glad you're finding our world a fun one to consider running!

      Check out all the posts on the forum, especially the ones concerning rules questions and such... We always love to think we make it easy to understand the first time, but alas, not all great minds think alike, so we've had some excellent questions asked and answered here on the Forum...

      In addition, our Downloads section has some great stuff made by fellow enthusiasts (such as a fillable, save-able PDF character sheet), and there's even some great mini-adventures to help get you started running some games to get the feel of the system and the world...complete with pre-generated characters!

      Hopefully you and your gaming group have a great time with SHARD!

      Scottie ^^
    • I already scouted the forums before making my first post, looking for the various downloads and mini-adventures. Even having run several other game systems, it's always nice to take a look and see how the creators of a game set up their own adventures. It was nice to find that the posted adventures are of a style similar to what I use in my other campaigns. It was great to find the sample price lists for goods, since that is what first brought me to the forums.

      I saw the post mentioning the Chun,and I would be interested in learning about them, if it wouldn't give too much away about possible future products. When I started reading the Basic Compendium I had kind of envisioned a native insectoid people on the planet. I see a mantis-like race of primitives, but it's also easy to envision ant-like and bee-like imperialistic cultures.

      I have no doubt that my small group will enjoy Shard. I just need to make a few sample characters, first, to determine what power level to start at. First on the agenda is a low caste grey wolf hunter.

      Thank you both for the warm welcome. I look forward to hearing from you both in the future. =)

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    • Sorry I did not reply sooner, but welcome Grymmly! Nice to see a fellow Furcadian here on the Shard forums.

      Do you have a gaming group on Furcadia that may possibly be playing Shard? I am trying to get something going myself there, but with work and other things going on, it has been slow going on my part. If you ever do get a campaign started and need another player, give me a whisper.

    • Thought I would post another reply here just for other forum members' information. Grymmly and I found out that we have bumped into one another on Furcadia before. I thought his name looked familiar. ;) It sure is a small world.

      Anyway, Grymmly, I shall try to speak with Emmie at some point about the dream when she is not quite so busy. I see that she is attending the Furcadia Groups & Guilds day event today, so am pretty sure she is either busy with that or being bombarded by whispers from everyfurre else.

      It certainly was nice chatting with you in game the other day and I am glad to see that you are still around. I do hope that your own game goes well and maybe I will see you around Furc again at some point. :)