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    • Ave!

      I'm coming from distant country, where white bears are walking on the streets ;) Shard rpg isn't known but I've found it through my constant net screening. What do I'm looking for? Answer is simple - I seek for RPG HOLY GRAIL! For now this is Conan GURPS, but this game doesn't satisfy my completly.
      Shard that's nice fantasy - real fantasy, quite different from other games in this genre. Other settings are commonly pseudo-fantasy worlds, where we are roleplaying knights, clerics similar to those medieval ones. All is in medieval sauce with the same animals, feudal laws, castles. Shard is higher on (in?) fantasy level - we're playing antropoidal animals - zoics, flora and fauna are quite different, foreign, nonnative - you now what I mean? That's the reason why I'm going to play Shard with couple of my fellow buds.

      regards :)

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    • Feel free to check out all our downloadable content, including a few intrductory adventures that might give you a few good ideas for some starting scenarios for your group!

      Also, when creating characters, there's a PDF character sheet created by one of our fans (Sherbie) that really does a good job of making the process easier...

      Good luck!

      Scottie ^^