Turtles, Plastrons and Breasts

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    • Turtles, Plastrons and Breasts

      This is something I've been thinking about for a while, so...All Zoics have Human Type Mammary Glands...Precisely how does this work with Female Turtles? This issue I like to call The Venus-De-Milo Issue named after the much hated Girl Ninja Turtle added for The Next Mutation Show particularly hated by TMNT Co-Creator Peter Laid

      Venus in the show had nipples less breasts under her plastron which made absolutely no biological sense whatsoever

      And I couldn't help noticing all three Turtle Zoics depicted in the basic compendium are male thus avoiding having to address this issue

      Not hating just asking how to Female Turtle Zoics Mammary Gland?
    • First of all allow me to apologize for the time it took me to respond to your question, I recently injured my back doing yoga and have been playing catch up every since, AND, I happen to know that both Scott as well as Andrew have been working their collective butts off alongside and with the various artists to get this next book into your hands as soon as humanly possible without sacrificing any of the quality and content.... YOU WILL BE VERY PLEASED TRUST ME!!!!!!!
      Now to answer your question.... It is my understanding that female turtles do indeed have mammary glands as well as breast which are covered by armored plates, the small area where the nursing of children would occur (in my opinion) would be softer than the surrounding armor and possibly recessed until the need to feed takes place, at which time, the nipple could be, in essence, stimulated to be exposed beyond the protection of the natural armor. This is the way I have always assumed it to work as it allows the character to take the full advantage for purchasing armor and seems to be logical in much the same way that the mouths of birds are flexible along the sides of the beaks thus allowing them to nurse from the side of their mouths with out damaging the nipples of the mother or wet nurse doing the feeding while still being able to have the full advantages associated with having a beak attack.
      I must say that, for the most part this is a topic which could potentially be explained in any way the current GAME MASTER of a scenario might wish...... so long as it did not violate any of the rules, which have been written to govern the game itself and even then, if the story warranted it, they might be able to be amended to suit the particulars of your campaign, although I do consider it important to say in no uncertain terms that I personally DO NOT RECOMMEND MAKING ANY CHANGES TO THE RULES OF THE GAME, since we have essentially play tested it for years and decades and have taken extreme care to ensure that what is written is in the best possible taste and that balance is maintained and presented in the most appealing way for the widest possible audience, particularly with respect to aspects which could be considered risque or unfit for younger players. I am assuming that Scott will also respond to this and I will of course defer to his judgement with respect to anything that I may have said which does not reflect the overall concept he is wanting to present.
      Once again I thank you for your continued interests in the game and the questions which you post help me to reevaluate all the things I may have assumed about the game, it is this type of discussion which helps us all to better understand the game and in doing so present a better experience for those we choose to share it with. KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING, if there are things you want answers to this is GREAT! :love:
    • Thinking from the direction of combat, this might present some issues if a shot were to be directed towards the exposed breast of that character... which is one of the reasons we choose to make it simple and say that regarding armor that both males and females would be similar in respect to this area of the body...
    • Something I just thought of about mammary glands and hoo boy...This is awkward...But...It is a common anime trope (Often in anime for teenage girls so it isn't TOO spicy) but breasts that are often too small or in some cases too large might be something someone roleplaying a female character can deal with since all female animals have mammary glands you can play with these classic tropes

      And inverse situations probably had by courtesans
    • Regarding the physical characteristics of any player character, we strive to leave the exact details of appearance to the creator of the character. Many players, myself included, find it helpful to create unique images or obtain artistic images for themselves which can be used as representations of the characters they are portraying in the game. The nature, and or style of the pieces of art created or chosen in this case are left entirely to the discretion of the player and the Game master of the particular campaign.
      I find that using the natural world and the multitude of different customs,behaviors, and practices which exist in our own world to be the best tool for determining how, when, where, and if certain subjects are acceptable or if they would be considered taboo.
      Keep in mind also that in the world of SHARD we are dealing with animal people of vastly different sizes and it is not difficult to imagine that to small sized creatures physical features of larger creatures might be outside of the proportions they are exposed to on a regular basis, and the same thing may be applied in reverse regarding larger Janah when viewing those of smaller size.