If the Spiral Arena was like the WWE

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    • If the Spiral Arena was like the WWE

      So...Re-watching this Strong Bad Email

      And it got me thinking about if the Fighters in the Spiral Arena acted like WWE Fighters, obviously this wouldn't happen in an actual game because of the heavy emphasis of etiquette in Dardunah and we all know Professional Wrestling is mostly performance not actual Sport Wrestling

      Still it would be funny for Parody
    • I would say that it could happen depending upon the group of players who are in charge of the characters... There will always be some who are not simply satisfied with defeating an opponent, but rather seek to humiliate and cost them honor and self esteem while in the Spiral Arena. This topic actually came up during the MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE, and caused us to include a style based upon the PRESENCE attribute which in many ways could be played nearly like performance combat with all that it includes.... ( The over the top dramatics as well as the fighter addressing the crowds) It is equally important to understand that with in the rules of the game as they are written are many opportunities to use skills in conjunction with other skills to complement one another, such combinations are limited only by the scope of the players imagination and the bounds which seem reasonable to the GAME MASTER. I bring this up because even with only the BASIC COMPENDIUM, I could easily use skills such as ACTING, INTIMIDATION, ORATORY, TACTICS, SLEIGHT OF HAND OR PERFORMANCE SKILLS such as DANCING, DRAMATIZATION, JUGGLING, or any list of others.... along with the skills related to COMBAT to produce a host of possible situations designed to entertain, cause themselves to be adored by crowds, belittle or humiliate opponents and much much more. If these antics were to become the norm of any Gladiator, Honor Guard, or Combat personality the general public would come to expect such behavior for good or ill and thus they would in effect become a celebrity of sorts... with all the trappings having a group of fans entails... Which would of course require the player to purchase the ADVANTAGE of INFLUENCE or STATUS... to determine the extent the of the effect the character would have on NPC interactions...

      I hope you find these possible uses of the rules to be informative and helpful in creating for yourself the type of story you desire in your game sessions. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to let me know and as always I will do the best I can to present you with ways to allow the ideas from your imagination to be used in the game.... so long as the rules do not specifically make it impossible...

      You will be happy to know that the Art work is complete and the latest book is nearly ready to be shipped off to the printer.... so please get ready to be AMAZED!
      Have fun and I look forward to hearing from you again soon...
    • I used to LOVE watching the Strong Bad Email flash videos... Some of my own nephews and nieces actually got one of their own questions answered by one of his videos... Hilarious!

      Anyway, Griffin did an excellent job of further expanding upon this subject as it might, in some way, appear in Dárdünah.... I really look forward to seeing what folks end up doing with all these new Martial Styles! It really has the potential of making Spiral Arena combat even more interesting!

      Scottie ^^