Campaign Idea Homage to Night Trap

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    • Campaign Idea Homage to Night Trap

      Ah Night Trap, love it or hate it it is still one of the most remarkable games ever made and most infamously a scene in which a Girl isn't saved (Which you can only see if you fail to act to save the girl) Was what put Video Games in the crossfires of a Moral Panic in the 80s/90s

      The Web Animation Ebola World once did an Interactive Homage to this game (Don't know if you can still find it though) And after that did an actual Let's Play

      Part of me asks...How would Night Trap translate as a Tabletop Experience? Furthermore could it be translated into the realm of Dardunah?
    • Hah! Wow,...that's hilariously cheesy... ^^

      In truth, though, I wouldn't know where to begin as far as a tabletop experience goes, either as a board-game or as a paper RPG... The ending, especially, seems to break the "4th wall" and requires more than a mere "Choose Your Own Adventure" level of interaction... She's actually interacting with the unseen "audience" itself, and there seems to be an element of audience interaction that moves it out of the realm of "role-play"...

      Though I, myself, also create computer RPGs for a living (for instance, I'm currently an artist for Shroud of the Avatar), this particular experience paradigm seems to want to balance on the edge between computer game and interactive movie experience... My inclination is to take a pass on any attempt to turn this into a Shard-like paper RPG experience...merely because it doesn't fall into any rhythm similar to the way I run my own games, or, in fact, any of my friend's RPGs that I've ever played in...

      Good luck with trying to do something like this yourself, though... All I can really say is, it could be entertaining, whether it ends up being actually "viable" or not! ^^
    • There is always the possible existence of a group of Sir' hibas who worship demonic beings with the goal of gaining some sort of deeper connection to the place within the DREAM known as NARA'KA ...
      These could be worshipers of the DEVA called NAGAMISSA or they could serve one of the powerful demons which are said to gaze down upon the world on cloudless nights with lingering eyes that hunger to devour the goodness within the hearts of the children of THE GREAT MOTHER AND FATHER, or they may be worshipers of the strange power which dwells in the land of the HARDAZI KHANATE, known as the Daru Religion, which practices blood magic and other such unspeakable and unknowable things in defiance to the dominate faith of the Satyan Order, which supports the Mahist faith with strict interpertations from the holy writing of a ancient text called the PARTA'KAM.
      The ways in which the question you asked above could truly happen in many different ways, but always they would be a secret order, to defend themselves from other religions which would no doubt seek to erase any teachings which oppose those held to be true and good by the members of the faith they serve....
    • I think to create a scenario similar to the one in Night Trap with the Janah acting similarly to the Family of Vampires it would be worshipers of Nagamissa or a random demon, I can't see the Hardazi actually inviting Regular Janah as Guests or even pretending to have as much civility as the Martin Vampires did.

      This scenario could have the potential to have some black comedy in it capturing the flavor of Night Trap's cheesiness in a RPG form
    • I like the way you think! there are a references to some of the major demons in the back of the BASIC COMPENDIUM, so once you get your book and read about them, you can determine which one best fits your idea for the adventure you want to create.... I have to say that the fiction of this game is off the charts GOOOOOOOOOD!
    • It took a few moments but I realized that you said 'Nagamissa' not "Amasúrah' Does that mean Nagamissa really is as evil? I previously thought Nagamissa was if nothing else the cleaned and sanitized version of Amasúrah the the worship of Nagamissa was pretty much harmless but with the above comment this kind of would mean all Sarpah who worship Nagamissa (Which would be all Sarpah) Are suspect
    • I can see how you might get that impression and I think I should clarify to the best of my abilities to do so.... Let us first consider the true meaning of good and evil... Each of these terms can be almost interchangeable given the right perspective... for example to us having fried chicken and beef hamburgers is a pretty good thing as it helps us to have a varied diet.... and we raise the animals on farms for the express purpose of being our food supplies even though we know that animals like humans have feelings and are self aware beings.... Yet from our perspective we are good humans.... However from the animal's perspective.... we would be something far from the good and benevolent beings we ourselves imagine we are.... because to them it might seem as though we go through extreme measures to earn their trust and even feed them and care for them, only to one day lead them to a place where they will be mercilessly slaughtered and cooked alongside a helping of potatoes and corn, before ultimately adorning our dining table with edible delights... Cats might say that we always keep them confined within the four wall of our homes and do not allow them to prowl at night, that we deny them the simple pleasure of being able to stalk or hunt in the tall grasses and sometimes we even cut off the tips of their fingers and toes along with their claws for our own selfish reasons .... Birds also might say that we cruelly keep them locked in cages, always near a windows in a place where they can glimpse at the sky longingly but forever be prevented from using the wings given to them by the creator to soar into upper airs , simply so that we can look at them as the mood strikes us, never once considering it is highly possible that they would gladly come and visit humans every day if they were treated kindly... Even Dogs might complain that they taken to pits and forced to fight to the death simply for the pleasure of the twisted owners who have captured them...not to mention it is a common custom among our kind to wear their skins upon our bodies in the form of jackets, clothing and shoes...Rabbit feet are worn as talismans of good all but the Rabbit who lost his foot that is.... Monkeys might say they have heard tales of us keeping them in strange sterile places and conducting horrible experiments upon them to test medicines or cosmetics for women or that some of their kind have been flung into the void of outer space aboard metal chariots to satisfy some of our strange curiosities.... To make matters worse in some of our homes are the dead and stuffed bodies of many other animals which are displayed like art, we have even taken the time to make them look as life like as possible as we present them to any guests who might happen to visit our homes for a hot cup of coffee or tea... To the animals tales might also be heard of us capturing as many types of animals as we possibly could, and forcing them to do tricks in traveling shows for our entertainment only... To animals we are the beings which destroy the forests and burn the jungles... the very places these animals call home, we then react with violence when the displaced animals trespass on our newly acquired lawns and treat them as pests... we are the two legged creatures which poison the waters and pollute the air... We are the hoarders of the bounty which was placed upon the Earth for all of GODS creatures to enjoy... We make war with nature itself and even turn violence against each other in the name of the God who created us all... and lastly we seem to be affected by a madness which causes us to attach great value to something as meaningless as colored slips of paper with our images painted upon them... I use this example to demonstrate how the idea of good and evil is highly dependent upon the perspective of the group answering the question, and so is the answer to the question you asked above... to the SARPAH race... AMASURA AND NAGAMISSA are one and the same being.... but they use a different name to represent her...(NAGAMISSA) which they associate with the aspects of divinity the goddess represents to them...these aspects include such divine concepts as wisdom,healing, fortune, the sky, nature, family and magic..... so, from the perspective of the SARPAH.... it is only those who dwell in the southern regions would dare refer to her as AMASURA in their ignorant, misguided, childish, warlike ways as they worship, what is to the SARPAH, the true violent lord of death and war.....known as KRAMAH...
      It is these cultural differences and varied interpretations of the ancient history of the world which has created many possible beliefs upon the world, beliefs which are held by the citizens of certain regions to be true while being utterly false in other lands. The same as could happen in our own world if animals were to be able to speak to someone and tell their own version of whether or not we humans are a blessed and good race or whether we are a curse which is not to be trusted.... least we kill and destroy all the things GOD has created from the very foundation of the world to be enjoyed equally by all its children.... for it is so....that each of us....whether four legged or two legged is made in the likeness of some aspect of GOD.... and therefore....should we all not have equal access to all his blessings... while according to mankind only his kind is made in the image of the GOD and this belief over time has given rise to the idea that he is to rule over all the other creations of GOD with an iron fist and subdue anything within his power for his egotistical pleasure...
      I hope that this gives you a little more to consider about the way that things work in the SHARD UNIVERSE, It is a world full of duality and as such offers few absolutes... for every yin... there is a yang and for every give there is a take, you will find much more of this type of duality in the fiction soon to come in the MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE, as well as the up and coming WORLD GUIDE when it is updated and refined for the open public market...

      I am certain you will remain as pleased by what you find in these publications as what you have seen on this forum.... stay in touch and good night!

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    • Okeydokey...So After stewing on this for a while I've created an Janah 'Kelly' for this scenario, this could be played as a one-on-one adventure if the situation is only one player and the DM and this a bit of a 'pre-drawn' character

      Name: Kyll'il
      Age: 28

      Sex: Female
      Jenu: Vajrah: Bengal Tiger

      Caste: Sunborn

      Occupation: Spy

      Land of Origin: Nilam
      Backstory: Kyll'il works for a secret crime fighting society that ventures where others fear to tread, several weeks ago a group of Vajrah and Paksin Females vanished without a trace after being graciously invited to Andhi by the Lovely Cottonmouth Lady Srsasan of the House Marati her immediate family is comprised entirely of Serpents, and they have very few servants instead i had been discovered the entire house has many elaborate traps throughout the house, no one knows what purpose these traps serve
      Kyll'il has been planted among a different Vajrah/Paksin group who has been invited by the same Cottonmouth Lady they include (And I'm gnna write the names of the Night Trap equivalents in parenthesis simply cuz I can't think of names yet) An Arrogant Red Vixen (Lisa) And her Younger Brother also a Red Fox (Danny) A Kindly and Genteel Black Rabbit (Ashley) A graceful Pitahoui (Cindy) And an Enthusiastic (And somewhat dimwitted) Chihuahua (Meghan)

      (Sorry to anyone who owns or likes Chihuahuas I couldn't think of a species that better fit Meghan