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    • In my recent fanfic 'World's Collide' in which a Dishonored Sheep Mage named Chanchalla ends up in the world of the 2003 Ninja Turtles and after the initial shock comes to accept the Mutants and realize she was sent to this world for a reason, she begins falling in love with Leonardo but quickly realizes how many problems could occur if they consummated their love, what would happen if a Janah mated with an Anthro Animal that wasn't a Janah or possibly even a human? As a Native of Nilam specifically Hanalu Chanchalla is familiar with Sarpah Lore of Nagamissa particularly in their version of the story Nagamissa fell in love with a mortal and supposedly their union bore a great hero if she had a child with a Mutant Animal from Earth would the child be unholy hellspawn or a demigod no Janah could stand against?