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    • Dardunah Noir

      So after Si'Ni returns to Dardunah after the events of Revenants of Dark Earth she spends like a month and a half back in Hanalu, before for multiple reasons she wants to return to Earth (Not least of the reasons is she felt she made real friends for the first time among the Earthlings) She says good bye personally to her beloved Tutor, than gallops off with her Chinti into the Wilderness (Do Chinti come in colors other than green?)

      Si'Ni alone in the wilderness kneels and prays for the Devah to grant her wish to bring her back to where she feels she truly belongs, and to her surprise the Devah grant her wish creating a spark that functions as a door between worlds.

      Eventually after enough time has passed, her parents are really concerned and ask someone to find Si'Ni this Janah, I'm not sure who it will be yet, but this case sets him or her up to become essentially Dardunah's equivalent of a private detective. And beomes the 2nd Janah after Si'Ni to get the translation spell after finding the same spark and coming to Earth
    • OK inspired by Qubo Show, Sandra the Fairy Tale Detective I've created my Detective Character

      Name: Sundra
      Sex: Female
      Jenu: Sarpah Day Gecko
      Caste: Sunborn
      Occupation: Poet/Noblewoman
      Bio: Daughter of a Noblewoman in Hanalu and frequently saw Si'Ni around the library they both loved to frequent, a Curious and Romantic Maiden...When she heard her parents talking to Si'Ni's Parents about how their daughter had 'Returned to the land of the blue-sky Janah' Sundra jumped at the chance to escape her own overbearing parents and have a real adventure, so she spoke to the two Trade Caste Pigs in private about how she would offer to find their daughter...For a small fee (She had to have some pretense) And she did find the spark that led to the land of the Blue Sky Janah. (The Door is always there, but the Devah let it become visible for Sundra) Our Gecko detective enters the exact same spot Si'Ni does...Fortunately Si'Ni isn't far from the entry spot but Sundra does have some misadventures with the Americans before thus begins an unlikely friendship between a Sunborn and a Trade Caste Girl

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    • Okay.... I will answer your questions in the order they appear.... First Chinti do indeed come in a wide variety of colors, when thinking of them use the write up in the back of the Basic Compendium as a guide to describe basic Chiniti, but on a world such as Dardunah which possesses such an infinite number of insect life it would be logical that not only would Chiniti come in different colors but they might also have slightly different appearances similar to the ways that horses differ on our own planet. In the soon to come World Guide we will have more information on variations of existing creatures as well as new creatures and a table which will allow Game Masters to create even more creatures for their individual games.
    • With regards to the fiction involving travel to the Earth I would like to encourage you to at least wait until the world guide is published before going too far in that direction, the reason being is that you may find that the world of the false dawn is much more fitting for any character created within the bounds of this game.
    • To be fair...This isn't a game, it is a simple prose story I'm writing on Faniction.Net

      And neither Janah Girl stays on Earth, for both it is more a temporary self-exile/self discovery journey before they can return to Dardunah with wisdom they didn't have before classic Hero's Journey style

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    • fanfiction.net/s/12722318/1/The-Revenants-of-Dark-Earth

      This is the Fanfiction, it is half a Ninja Turtles Fanfiction and half a Fan sequel to Willaim Kotzwinkle's 1976 Novel Doctor Rat

      What is Important to remember is that the Dardunah Characters are in the end side characters to the Ninja Turtles and Other 'Earth' Characters...When I saw in the forum someone proposing a possible story idea of the Devourer eventually making it to Dardunah it gave the idea of some other humans discovering Dardunah and basically committing 'Alien Abduction' to experiment on them. For Si'Ni an Autistic Girl who struggled to fit in her own society and was constantly chastised by her family modern characters are able to explain to her what her disability is...And for the first time Si'Ni is able to form real friendships

      For Sundra she is desperate for a reason to escape an arranged marriage to a Nobleman she can't stand

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