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    • Avatar Images

      As requested by Goruum, a member of this Forum, there are now available various Avatar Images taken directly from the art of the Dárdünah play-test edition made available to the rest of the play-testers. Simply pick one of these as opposed to downloading your own when choosing your Avatar in the User Control Panel (the User CP button at the top). Please note, after choosing it and telling it to accept your choice (by hitting SUBMIT), it may not seem immediately obvious that it "took". To check it, go to Members, and select yourself to see if it shows your chosen image.

      As they are used, I intend to remove them from the ones available on the site. Feel free to use them for your own Avatar, unless you have an image you'd like to upload instead. As the full-color Avatar images get taken (or because of special request), I'll also begin adding the monochrome sepia-tone versions of the faces from the Animal Templates for added variety. Just send me a private message here on the forum if you'd like me to include any of the sepia-tone images sooner.

      Scottie ^^
    • RE: Avatar Images

      Welcome to the site Steve, and thanks for joining! Good to have you aboard. I'll eventually delete this Thread, but I'm gonna make note of the apparent difficulty you experienced in picking your Avatar, to let others know that it may not be immediately obvious that the one they may have picked has been accepted.

      Scottie ^^
    • How to change your avatar

      Hello, and welcome to the forum. :)

      Since you mentioned that you do not know how to change your avatar, I thought I would let you know.

      Start by logging in and then click the User CP button at the top left of the forum. You will then see another button labeled "Avatar" on the right side of a table of options to edit.

      Clicking this will allow you to select a pre-made forum avatar or upload a custom one.

      Good luck and once again, Welcome to you.