Hi there! Look alive there!

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    • Hi there! Look alive there!

      After all this time, making an account here like this seemed like a good idea.
      I'm a fan of the universe. The rules sometimes confuse me so I plan on posting a few questions here. I've not read all the posts in all the forums, so I'm going to apologize right now for any questions I got that someone already asked. Really though, I make no apologies for anything else. That's what happens when you're a Goth Emu Fool. Look forward to getting questions answered and making a few friends.

      Is Shard truly back? I hope so.
    • Welcome, Welcome, WELCOME! I get so excited anytime we welcome new members to the forum. Feel free to ask to ask any questions you need even if they have been asked before... perhaps you asking them a second time will cause us to answer it on a more updated link which can benefit someone else. I am on this forum fairly often so I look forward to getting to know you better!