Gen Con Indy 2018

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    • Gen Con Indy 2018

      Hello all!

      After these many years it's time, once again, for Shard Studios to make a good showing of itself at #GenCon2018!

      For those of you heading to Gen Con this year, please drop by our table in the Studio2 booth (booths #1929 and 2029)

      This year Shard will be running five different gaming events at Gen Con! We're running them for free, so the only cost is the basic $4 Gen Con event ticket price.
      Check out all the details for each of the gaming events in the Shard-specific section of the Gen Con Events area of their website!

      We hope to see some of you there!

      Scottie and Andrew ^^
    • This was my first GenCon. and I must first thank the two people which made it possible for me to enjoy the experience, both Andrew Bowman and Scott Jones. Secondly I would like to thank all the individuals who came to our booth and spoke with us while showing such profound interests and support for our game. Finally please stay tuned with us for the exciting new products which we are working hard to bring to you in the very near future.
    • Ednoria wrote:

      It was great getting to talk to you guys at GenCon! I'm looking forward to all the cool new stuff you're working on!


      Yes indeed! I must echo the sentiments of my cohorts here by saying that it was absolutely wonderful to see so many folks, like yourself, come greet us at our table at Gen Con! We had a fantastic time in general, but it was made even more beautiful and touching by the number of folks who showed up to say "hello" and to express their continuing support after so many years of unfortunate silence on our end...

      Ednoria, I've sent to a private message mentioning what we had talked about at the show concerning current work on the "World Guide"... Check it out and let me know!

      Scottie ^^
    • Also now that we are back in the swing of things full force please take a few minutes out of your busy weeks activities to stay in touch with us on the forum... We are working hard to make it an exciting place to discuss all things SHARD related and to hand out useful information for our friends who share our love for role play and we honestly appreciate each and every one of you who help us to make this game a success... <3
    • Ratatoskr wrote:

      I had a great experience at GenCon 2018, played in two of the shard rpg sessions, The Lonely Inn and the Voracious Pack.
      Hey there Ratatoskr!!! I'm so glad you were able to join us at Gen Con in two of our play-sessions! Let us know if you end up running or playing in further games now that you've had a taste of Shard! We always like to hear folks having continuing adventure in our world.

      Scottie ^^