Fish in Dardunah

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    • Fish in Dardunah

      One thing that's also been on my mind for a while is Fish as non-arthropod Suthra, while some Suthra while some Suthra like Dromi and Gule resemble Seahorses among other things they resemble, I remember the Aquatic Manta and Stingray shaped Mounts, whose names I can't remember at the moment and does cause me to ask if cartilaginous fish are the only native vertebrates in Dardunah
    • This is an interesting question as well, and I will answer it by saying that when the Great Mother and Father came to the world of SHARD with all of their many children in tow, they found many lifeforms already in existence upon the strange new world. Some of the lifeforms seemed similar to creatures they had encountered upon the original home world while others were incredibly unique. The Basic Compendium includes but a fraction of the actual life upon the incredibly diverse world of the false dawn, and indeed if all the scribes upon the face of Dardunah sat and wrote for a lifetime they would still never be able to categorize all its inhabitants. In the same way that upon our own planet there are new discoveries being made everyday so it is upon SHARD only more so... That being said who among the most wise is able to with certainty say whether the the vertebrates you speak of existed before the arrival of the Janah or if they also were gifts of the Great Mother and Father, perhaps lesser children which did not receive the blessing of enlightenment as the other races did... If this is so and it certainly might be possible, then it is within reason to assume that no creatures without exoskeletons walked upon this world... On the other hand, if in this infinite place of time and space which is but a location within the mind of an all powerful entity, which uses its omnipresence and limitless power to sustain us all, it is certainly also possible that certain formations and expressions of its divine nature are spread equally through out all its many creations upon all the different worlds in all the different times and in all the different places and in all the different spaces. In the end who but those dancing at the edge of Heaven are able to truly know the answers to the riddles of Gods, and even to the dancers in that holiest of places, there may be greater mysteries yet hidden behind the veil, incapable of being understood by any one with a mortal mind.