Janah Deceiving the Devah

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    • Janah Deceiving the Devah

      Admittedly this is more of a Greek Mythology Trope which I'm more familial with than any other Mythology but have there ever been tales from when the Devah walked the Earth of a Mortal Janah deceiving or otherwise one-upping a Devah and regardless if they receive punishment or not later is there any instance of a Mortal successfully beating a God in some way shape or form?
    • There most likely wouldn't be any tales about mortals 'beating up" one of the Devah, or anything like that... But certainly, I can imagine the Partakám having some tale or so about some particularly crafty jánah playing a trick on, or making a fool of, one Devah or another in that ancient time when the Devah are said to have walked upon the face of Dárdünah...

      Of course, you can bet that those tales would most like be cautionary ones... For example, there might me a story about a jánah who was clever and wily enough to fool a more humorous and forgiving Devah like Muhjíbh, who may have laughed at the mortal's antics... And that same tale might later go on to describe how the "tricky" jánah then did the same thing to Kramah, fooling that Devah just as easily, only to have Kramah smite the "too clever for his own good' jánah for his troubles without a second thought!

      Though we haven't come up with many specific parts of Dárdüni holy books like the Partakám (though you've seen the Journey Chant at the beginning of the Basic Compendium), you may hopefully have the chance to see a few wise quotes and perhaps a lesson-filled story or two from it in the eventual World Guide we are currently editing for print!

      Stay tuned! ^^