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    • Rules to Post By **Please Read**

      If you're new to our forum, please take note of these simple rules.

      1. Please be civil with one another.
      -Deal with disagreements like an even-tempered adult (even if you aren’t one).
      -We're betting you don't use a loud-speaker to talk to your friends sitting next to you so, likewise, please don’t post in all CAPS.
      -Please keep profanity out of the picture. We can understand a swear-word here and there for emphasis, but we're trying to be family-friendly here, so keep it to a minimum, we beg you.
      -If you mean to discuss something of an adult nature, include the word ADULT in your forum topic title. This is no invitation to start using over-the-top profanity, however (see above), nor is it an invitation to discuss or describe explicit sex in any form, however we understand that there are times that RPG topics may not necessarily be meant for the eyes of children. Label your warnings well,..and keep it as "clean" as you can.
      -Most of all, simply practice some common courtesy. Even the most crass among us can at least pretend to be polite for the sake of a public forum.

      2. No Flaming!
      Discussion of controversial topics is fine, even heated debates are permissible under certain circumstances. Keep arguments about the topic at hand, though. Do not turn them into personal attacks or name-calling matches. Posts attacking specific forum members will be removed. If you have a personal complaint about someone, it’s best dealt with by PMing me (Scott Jones) or a forum moderator.

      3. Concerning Copyrights.
      Please respect them. Artwork, photos, video, written material, and music produced by another person are legally copyrighted whether there’s a copyright symbol affixed to the work or not. You can feel free to link to any of the above mentioned things, but do not post someone else’s work here directly without their permission.

      4. Your Avatars.
      Relating also to copyright law, do not use someone else’s artwork to create avatars and banners without their permission. Using your own artwork is fine, of course. Any of the SHARD RPG artwork is also fair game. There are countless public domain images to be found on the internet which can be used for avatar creation as well. Please keep all personal avatar images family-friendly and clean (see rule #1).

      5. We don't tolerate Spam.
      This forum is not for commercial advertisement. Repetition meant to annoy and posts which clearly exist for the sole sake of being obnoxious will be considered spam as well. All such posts will simply be removed and repeat spammers will be banned.

      6. Offered Critiques and Suggestions
      Criticisms can easily be misconstrued as an attack so please exercise some tact when commenting on the content of the SHARD RPG or on any works or opinions offered by other forum members. Remember that criticism is meant to be constructive and not flippant or insulting. That being said, we at Shard Studios welcome the chance to hear from those interested in our works and efforts, and will gladly consider any thoughtfully worded critique or suggestions you may have to offer.


      1. Characters, Stories, and other Forum Member Works
      We have absolutely no intention of using any material invented by forum members within the context of future works by Shard Studios unless we ask for, and are given, full permission to do so. However, there is always the risk that something we create for future products may bear some unintentional resemblance to something someone has posted here. In an effort to avoid intellectual property disputes, we will state up front that any resemblances between content created for the SHARD RPG (or in fact ANY products of Shard Studio) and works and/or writing appearing in the forum, should they occur, are purely coincidental. This, obviously, does not apply to any items submitted to us that we accept as a part of our products, either for pay or for contribution, and for which we will have been given express permission to utilize.

      2. Banning.
      Our goal is to insure that the moderation of this forum remains as fair as possible. Though any of us can seem reactionary under stressful circumstances, we strongly believe all forum goers should remain reasonable and open to discussion when resolving issues. However, it’s important to note that we will do what it takes to avoid unnecessary disruption and, based on this, banning will occur at our discretion.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we'll all be able to enjoy our time here among friends!


      Scott Jones ^^
    • RE: Rules to Post By **Please Read**

      2. No Flaming!

      Awwww!! *Puts flamethrower away*

      Now, if I left it at that, would you consider that spamming? Or just a post that's meant to be silly but useless... I guess the question is, Silly but useless responses... Are they spam?
    • RE: Rules to Post By **Please Read**

      2. No Flaming!

      Awwww!! *Puts flamethrower away*

      Now, if I left it at that, would you consider that spamming? Or just a post that's meant to be silly but useless... I guess the question is, Silly but useless responses... Are they spam?

      Other then that, very basic and tolerable rules. Clear and to the point, as they should be.
    • RE: Rules to Post By **Please Read**


      The simplistic but effective rules were modeled after Tracy Butler's own dear Lackadaisy Forum. She does elegant work, and I'm sure agrees there's no reason to remake the wheel.

      As far as "spammng" goes,...we don't mind flippant lightherted responses as long as they don't become annoying and rude (or insane)... If they get to be too crazy, I'll eventually edit them away myself, just to keep the boards somewhat free of "looney for no reason"... Except in the Off Topic, where obviously off-topic subjects and mayhem are fairly welcome.

      Scottie ^^