Heartwarming Campaign Moments

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    • In our current game where we are play testing some of the new rules introduced with in the pages of the now published Magic and Martial Arts Guide there are many awesome moments I could share.
      First allow me to set the scene by saying that in this campaign we are all playing child thieves who happen to be Outcaste under the control of a street father similar to a character from a Charles Dickens novel. Being only 7-9 years of age and having to steal for a living has given us the opportunity to dig deep within ourselves and reconnect with the inner child which lives inside every person. This connection has allowed us to not worry so much about being politically correct and instead allow the voice of the inner child to simply say whatever thoughts run across their minds without analyzing it like an adult would. There have been countless examples of us running between the legs of adults and scrambling through public streets in a mad dash to avoid being punished for our petty crimes, any or all of which would make perfect scenes in even the best animated film.