Welcome Book Adventure is EVIL

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    • Welcome Book Adventure is EVIL

      So I ran the welcome book adventure in a one on one game and some funny mishaps happened. And as the battle ended, the player opted to give the one dead guard a proper funeral. Then found the temple site. At false dawn she joined the priest in the dream time, and helped the janah souls there move on. This whole scene made both the GM and the player cry, as she helped the Kangaroo musician, the Inn Keepers, and the Badger Mason Ahuli move on to the edge of heaven. It's hard to write this post and not cry with how touching it turned out.

      How could you write something like this. It's pure evil to make the GM and players cry, especially the GM.

      P.S. Keep up the good work.
      If it comes down to the rules or the story; sorry but the rule book just became a paper-weight.
    • RE: Welcome Book Adventure is EVIL

      I'm so glad to hear that the mini-adventure's storyline provided you guys with an emotionally moving experience!

      In truth, though I certainly set up the scene for dramatic effect, it was you folks who wove all those details into an in-game encounter of that quality... Congrats! That's what great roleplaying and GMing is all about!

      Scottie ^^
    • RE: Welcome Book Adventure is EVIL

      Originally posted by SilverThunder
      Will there be a sequel? After all that it just seemed like there should have been more. The story was so well developed that going into character was easy. (Annoying for the DM though because she was the quiet type)

      I had never really intended to write a sequel to that particular mini-adventure,...but then again, you never know!

      Honestly, though, I write little scenarios like that with enough hooks in them that folks reading it (and playing it) should want to have more... Ultimately, my goal is to create a story fragment compelling enough to inspire GMs to want to add on to what I've provided, and perhaps turn that little kernel of a story into a fully-fledged campaign of their own!

      Nothing would please me more than to eventually see different examples of how my little scenes have been embraced by others, and after awhile developed into a variety of different start-to-finish plot-lines...

      Scottie ^^