My Starting Point

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    • My Starting Point

      The Order of Edu

      Edu (EH-doo) The smaller of Dardunah’s twin suns. It is pale blue in color and is the first sun to rise and set. “

      The False Dawn The period marking the rising of Edu. This period is a holy time and is marked by payers and worship of the Devah, lasting until True Dawn which occurs about an hour later.”

      The secret society is dedicated to peace on Dardunah. They are willing to use any method to achieve their goal. Black mail, assassination, spying, politics, and any other method.

      The order uses a small blue circle on a black background as their symbol. It is often found in a wide variety of settings. It can be seen in various places and on various objects. Their emblem has been seen on walls, clothing, jewelry, armor, weapons, and even dishes.

      Their emblem is not openly displayed, but its appearances is obvious to anyone who is looking for it.

      The Order is organized into small cells. Usually only one member of a cell has any connection to another cell. In this way the organization resists being corrupted from the outside.

      The true history of the order is unknown, but there are claims that it has existed for over 500 years.

      Current Events -
      Across the Gulf of Bhutai the nation of Dar-Puram has been training soldiers and amassing weapons. They are known to be an expansionist nation. While currently not at war with anyone it seems that this situation can only change for the worse.
      Spies from Dar-Puram are currently in the realm of Magar. It is rumored that they are in Magar to prevent diplomats from Ishpuria from seeking aid from Magar if Dar-Puram goes to war with them.

      Dar-Purnam diplomats have also been dispatched to Magar. Their primary mission is to secure more sky crystals for use in their sky ships. Kutta refuses to sell sky crystals to Dar-Purnam due to strained relations between them. Magar has yet to agree to selling sky crystals and it is hoping that the diplomatic party can open up trade for those and other useful crystals. The diplomats will also be attempting trade negotiations with Bakari to the west of Magar.

      The Scourge in the northern regions of Bakari are said to be moving into the deserts of Magar. Rumors claim that they have actually been paid by someone else to move into this desert region. This may just be a rumor or there may be some truth.
      "One without crystal is without life"
    • We've been playing white wolf and are switching over to Darundah to get a different type of game flow. So I'm aiming for more intrigue and less combat and this setting seems great for it

      There will be myself and three others playing. The characters will have to foil an assasination plot against a magar diplomat who is against the Magar selling sky crystals to Dar-Puram

      Rather than poison the assassination weapon will be a laser beam that uses a complex array of levers and crystals to generate coherent beam affects. It will also be able of projecting images carved into sheets of crystal. Its laser effect will not be noticed normally as it is supposed to be a teaching device
      "One without crystal is without life"

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