New Campaign (Danny again)

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    • New Campaign (Danny again)

      Danny and I are pulling together our group to give Shard another go, and I was thinking of playing as one of these little beauties:

      [Blocked Image:]

      Caracals are basically South African Lynxes, renowned for being incredibly hard to find despite their great numbers and plucking low-flying birds from the sky.

      So far all we've (tenuously) decided is 150 points and possibly being free traders. I was wondering what kind of character ideas you had for such a pretty kitty. :)
    • RE: New Campaign (Danny again)

      Originally posted by KelseaSo far all we've (tenuously) decided is 150 points and possibly being free traders. I was wondering what kind of character ideas you had for such a pretty kitty. :)

      Oohhh! That pic's awesome!!! With a face like that I could almost imagine a sort of salty, sea-faring (or sky-faring) ship's "weather-witch"... You know,...and sir'hibas of some kind that uses an Endowment Ritual to call up storms and such, or increase the powers of the winds to aid in their travels... When not engaged in that, I could easily see that janah leaping around from one mast section to another with a crystal dagger in her mouth...

      Fun stuff!

      Scottie ^^
    • I like Scotts' idea!

      Generally I would go for some sort of lean, mean, absolutely clichéd comicbook styled badass and beautiful chick that kicks serious ass!

      Seduction and Martial arts are a must! (and have her weapon be a whip, speak with russian accent hurr hurr :baby: ) xD

      • A crystal corsair crewmember who conspires to take over the ship by playing favors, intrigue and whooping ass!
      • A meddling ministress who knows how to get things HER way and spends state-issued money for her own amusement. If someone finds out about this, she has no qualms about disposing of him/her.
      • A trader that specializes in buying up small businesses, making them grow and selling them to the highest bidder... and does mountaineering.
      • A lesbian gunsmith/trader who is magnificent at her work, and will shoot at you if you make phallic references to firearms.
      • A bigshot trader who makes a fortune selling a certain kind of small artifacts (that are magnificently crafted and have some awesome function), but no one knows who is suppying her! If anyone finds out that she actually found them in a underground ruin in the jungle, she'll make him/her keep his/her mouth shut! One way or another!

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    • A change of plans!

      Around a quarter of the way into planning out how this campaign might've begun and what I'd give them to create their characters with, I was struck with a very, very different idea, and this Saturday they made their incredibly bizarre, Heroic power-level zoics of a long ago age.

      I really would like to tell you guys all about it and the secrets I have in store for them, but they browse here as well, and I don't want to spoil it!
      So I have to ask: is there some way to hide either certain posts or certain threads from a few individuals?
    • RE: A change of plans!

      If you begin a campaign page on Obsidian Portal, you can make certain (or all) pages of it "GM only" This has the drawback of having to add everyone you want to see it to the GM list, but it's a way to keep the info from us while still spreading word of the details of the campaign....or atleast I think that's how it works.

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    • RE: A change of plans!

      That sounds like a great way to do it (since I really don't know of a "private thread" functionality here on the forums unless you count sending out multiple PMs to a chosen list). Plus doing it on the Obsidian Portal site has the advantage of drawing folks to that site's functionality, which could really open up the possibility of having more folks getting together and playing the game despite whatever long distances separate them...

      If you guys end up setting up such a thing, please invite me to be able to read it, since I'd certainly enjoy having a chance to get involved in the discussions, at least peripherally...

      Scottie. ^^
    • RE: A change of plans!

      Originally posted by Danny
      Alright, I think I will set to work on that immediately. Do you have an account on OP, Scott? I'll add you ASAP, if that is the case.

      Ah! Possibly not...I merely toodled around there a bit looking at the stuff folks had linked here, and that may not have required an account... I'll rectify that when I get home this evening, and then give you guys my OP account name...

      Scottie. ^^