aMUSEing thoughts about the Brain, i.e., Hello!

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    • aMUSEing thoughts about the Brain, i.e., Hello!

      Hey y'all, Muse here!

      I met Scott and Aaron at GenCon this past August and I am here to say those boys are NOT right in the head. But I love them anyway. They are nothing if not entertaining! Ask Scott 'bout his old possum. I still cackle to remember it, and can't seem to retell the story to give it justice! :)

      So Aaron and Scott, your little ruse of giving me a SHARD map worked. We unrolled it and went "Ooh" and "Aah" and the next thing you know I'm carrying your stuff in my store! I absolutely LOVE the artwork. And you guys really must put up the artwork of the GM screen somewhere so I can link to it. Wow.

      Now I just need to find someone to run the game for me. Why, oh why, didn't I get y'all to run a demo while I had your rapt attention!

      OK, now for for shameless self-promotion. I am an RPG editor who has worked on Savage Worlds products for the most part, although I have an Indie game designer trying to hire me (Aaron and Scott, I believe you met him at GenCon, too), and another Indie game that doesn't have a name yet is soon to send me their precious baby to torment. :)

      Last year I decided that maybe selling some of the gaming books I've worked on might be a good idea, and it is! I have a booth at any convention I go to, and I sell online through my store. You can see the link in my sig line. Oh, and there is that coupon there too, just for you guys! You can find me on Facebook too: Beautiful Brains. Be sure you select my Beautiful Brains and not the musician or communications ones, although those might be wonderful, too. :)

      I will post a caveat. Right now I just don't have the shipping wherewithal to ship your beautiful maps. So I'm carrying everything but that. I'll have it at conventions, just not on the online store. Here are links to your products in my store:

      SHARD Compendium
      SHARD GM Screen
      SHARD Convenience Pack
      SHARD Crystal Dice Set

      My business concept for Beautiful Brains is to be the best FLGS online you ever saw. Creative constructive criticism appreciated. I don't try to carry everything--we have my friend Sean Fannon at DriveThruRPG for that--but I carry what I love and what I'd like to play. As time gets harder to manage, more items fall into that second category, but you gotta have a goal, right? Feel free to sell me on your favorite game (other than SHARD, right?).

      I got started in gaming in 1994, when some of my Lutheran Student Movement guys let me join their D&D game. I enjoyed it so much that I told my sorority sisters, and before I knew it, I was gaming GURPs with my grand-big sis every week. I met Clint shortly after joining her group, and we started dating immediately. Six months later, he asked me to marry him (smart guy), and it's been happily wedded gaming bliss ever since. Now Clint is the Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and we largely play Savage Worlds with the same gaming group that introduced us.

      I started my career as an editor mostly because I helped out a few friends with Pinnacle and their licensees - my prior experience before that was as a nonprofit consultant specializing in grantwriting. It's not really all that different, although grantwriting pays better! But editing RPGs is a lot more fun, and less political. :)

      Being an editor and running Beautiful Brains lets me work from home so I am available for our kids. Best Stay-at-home Mommy Job Ever. And I have plenty of time to think about my next character!
      -Muse (aka Jodi Black)

      Use coupon code "ILoveBrains" to get 10% off your order on your favorite SHARD products! Check to see what convention I'll be at next!
    • RE: aMUSEing thoughts about the Brain, i.e., Hello!

      Oh my goodness Muse! Welcome to the forum!!!!

      Thanks so much for carrying our stuff!!!

      By the way,'re forum member number 300!!!! YAY!!! THIS....IS....SHARDA!!!! (yep,...just as you said,....not right in the head.... That's us!!!)

      At some point soon, as per your suggestion,...I'll totally put a high-ish-res version of the GM Screen art up here somewhere (perhaps as a download) for folks to enjoy... It's the biggest piece of art I've had to make for the game up till now, why not let people enjoy?

      By the way, guys may be happy to know that we are even now working with some good folks to have created for us a Savage World's version of the SHARD RPG... It's already under way! We have a working title and everything!

      We'll let folks know more about this as it progresss...

      Anyway,...again,...welcome to the forum!

      Scottie ^^
    • I'm number 300! I'm number 300!

      Savage Shard? Cool! Let me know if I can help out on that project. PM me who you're working with, if you think it appropriate, ok?

      When I unpacked the GM Screen my jaw literally dropped. Good job, Scott. A thinker AND an artist. :)

      Now to go trawl the forums and see what else y'all got here. Like a convention schedule. Did we tell you guys about MACE con in High Point, NC? I know it's a flight/long drive for you guys, but it is the best con we do all year. JUST gaming. All 3 days. No fandom stuff to get in the way. Mind you, I love costumes and panels and such, but this con is refreshing for its simplicity and great organization. Shane Hensley commented that Origins and GenCon could learn some lessons from how MACE is run. :)

      Here's the link:
      -Muse (aka Jodi Black)

      Use coupon code "ILoveBrains" to get 10% off your order on your favorite SHARD products! Check to see what convention I'll be at next!