The Noble Aspirations Campaign

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    • The Noble Aspirations Campaign

      I thought I'd make a post (and what will hopefully become a thread of post replies) about the campaign I've been running with some friends using Shard. As the story progresses, and as ideas arise, I hope to continue posting here to share our journeys with others and perhaps even to inspire fellow players of Shard with some of our ideas. :) I would love any feedback or comments you may have.

      Starting Adventure: It all began in Tishinia...
      The name of this campaign comes from a skyship owned by two players in game, known as the Noble Aspirations tavern and inn. Days away from it's maiden voyage, the skyship is docked in Sadahm, Tishínia. The Festival of Kramah, held in Distya within the Sustrum Amin, is one week away, and the players plan to participate in the festivities. However, it is learned that a statue which was to be offered to the Festival by the Isvar Rángfa, ruler of Tishinia, has been stolen. The players decide to search for the statue, and throughout their journey discover backhanded games of political intrigue and mystical underground organizations. Two warring Houses, House Mirdív and House Tukád, vie for control of the city, each wishing to displace the other. Blame for the missing statue eventually placed on one of House Tukád's own, Magistrate Agmáhzo, and is arrested pending investigation.

      The players unravel the mysteries and the accusations, finding a dark cult that worships an unknown wolverine Devah. From this discovery they find a red gem, part of the statue that had been stolen, now tainted with strange and unknown magic. They also learn of House Mirdív's plot to bring dishonor to House Tukád, and their involvement in the missing statue.

      In the end, the true statue and gem are united, Agmáhzo is freed and clear of his charges, and the warring Houses (at least for the moment) go their separate ways. The gem is still tainted however, within it the presence of a demon. It is clear the dark cult wished to bring harm to those at the Festival of Kramah, but to what end? With the Magistrate free and the statue and gem recovered, the players are now on their maiden journey to Distya, to learn more about the dark cult and to test their skills at the festival (including participation in the esteemed Kramahn Games). Traveling with them are Sadahm's representatives, along with the statue. They have been contracted to transport the statue to Distya, given they are the only skyship within the capital that would now make it to the festival on time.

      Their are many things still unknown, however: What of the strange family heirloom, an ancient Vaylah weapon, that the flying squirrel (and half owner of the skyship) vajrah took from his old noble house of squirrels before they banished him?

      What business does the newly arrived bat vajrah, a Sadhu of the Klin disguised as a fox, have on the main continent? Will her search for answers about the fall of Klin be answered? And what of this strange connection she foresees between her kinds past and the vaylah weapon the flying squirrel holds?

      And with a demon still within the gem of the statue, will the players be able to cleanse it, or will great tragedy occur at the height of the festival?

      This is just a summary, and I definitely have some highlights of the campaign I'll share eventually, but this is a good start. :) If anyone has any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. I've left out a lot of detail here, but so much happened it's hard to write it all down at once.. xD

      PS: Attached to this post are two word files that I used for personal notes alongside this adventure, for tests, NPC's, and descriptor fluff. Feel free to go over them, use what you like, etc.