Seasons Greetings from Shard Studios

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      Yes indeed! Happy Holidays to everyone!

      And in the spirit of the season, and with the onrush of the coming new year, as a little tidbit of goodness I give you another small peak into some of the stuff that will eventually end up in our World Guide!

      If you may recall, I added a little mini-adventure to the Downloads area of the forum around Halloween time called the Accursed Well, and within it was a description of the Dárdüni holiday called the Feast of Mürtyu (essentially Shard's version of Halloween)...

      Well,...I figured, in keeping with the tradition of letting those little tidbits out here and there on the forum, and since this is "the season of giving" here's another one for you!

      New Year’s Festival of Muhjíbh –
      The glorious festival held through the night before and on through the rising of Edü on the morning of the first day of the month of Sahásya, at the very beginning of Spring. This festival celebrates the works of Muhjíbh, messenger of the Devah and deliverer of the blessed news that the season of death is through, and the season of rebirth has begun. On the eve of this day (the night of the final day of Tuhína, thus ending the Season of Sheetál), amidst much celebration and fireworks, tiny blue candles are lit and placed in either waxed paper boats or upon cupped leaves to be set afloat upon nearby sacred waters (this is to call forth the rising of Edü on the morning), and a feast is held with revelry lasting throughout the night until the greeting and prayers of the sacred rising sapphire sun.

      On this day, after both suns finally rise, messages of love and desire are sent to significant others in the hopes of arranging trysts and to show other such signs of passionate affection. Gifts are exchanged on the dawn of this day as well between family and friends, usually toys of various kinds for children, and for adults there are gifts that are procured specifically to honor their place within their caste or their social status (tools of their trade, gifts of jewelry, fine weapons, etc.), for this is also the day when Muhjíbh rose to the Heavens on his cloud to announce the creation of the castes so long ago to the Great Mother and Father. It is They who proclaimed that this noble system should be honored with those gifts and blessings that are shared on this day by all.

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