Hey all, I'm new here!

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    • Hey all, I'm new here!

      Hey guys, I just discovered this rpg and it seems pretty interesting. A bit of my play history, I have played a year of d&d and while I enjoyed playing a warrior, once my original group disbanded due to going to different colleges I had a hard time finding a new one since every time I find a new group I get turned down since they are looking for a player with at least 5 years experience to play a mage and what not. So, when I went to my local game shop I saw the book in the shop and researched the game. It all looks pretty good so I'm hoping to find some people to play with.
    • Hey there!
      Welcome to the Shard - forum.
      Finding new players is incredibly hard - I have that problem too... especially in unique settings like Dardunah, the WH40k universe etc. when sb. isn't familiar with it or find it too difficult to understand.
      As you know Paper-pen RPG are consequently replaced by computer games because there are faster, require less work and imagination... bla, bla, bla :D
      There is one thing that computer games can't replace - interaction...
      When I try to convince somebody to play PP RPG I mostly use the argument that this games are time-comsuming, but they have unlimited possibilies... your character can live his life just as he want, or the character can become somebody that you could never be in real-life (Warlock, Space Marine, or even an Anthro) :D

      That would probably help to find players - however some people will tell you that they only want to play a specific genre...
      Try to convince people with all the arguments you have. I've done it and was successful, a I must tell you that this is not easy in my country :D
      But to be honest... SHARD is worth the efford - the unique world + the easy to understand and fast playing system gives you a fantastic game that ou and your Friends will enjoy... I promise :D
      Cheers from Silesia
      Marc aka Rennard Fuchs
    • First off, welcome.

      We're a pretty friendly but (recently) quiet community but Scott and Aaron lurk and they're quick to answer any questions you have about system and/or setting.

      Shard is a terrific game and although there's nothing concrete there has been discussion about starting an official Shard Emissary demo program. I've been running demos in the Champaign-Urbana IL area for the past year or so.

      May the Devah smile down upon you!

    • RE: Hey all, I'm new here!

      Greetings Abdul!

      There are several folks scattered throughout San Antonio who play SHARD on occasion... And every once in awhile I come down there to hold a demo at the local Dragon's Lair, when I have the chance...

      Hopefully you guys can find a way to conspire to get a game together and play!

      Let us know what you think of the world and the system, and hopefully we'll get this next book done soon so that you can enjoy that too!

      Scottie ^^