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    • Youtube Video Review

      Found the following video review of the Shard Book on Youtube and thought others might like to see it or respond to what the reviewer says.

      Overall the book receives a pretty good review and recommendation, but the reviewer does have some critiques. Personally I think a lot of his concerns could be addressed by just tweaking things for his own game if he runs one as a GM.
    • RE: Youtube Video Review

      A very fair review, I'd agree.

      Our magic system, however, is not slow and boring. He's right about the fact that characters not in the Dreamworld or not participating in the ritual will just be sitting around unless the GM has something happen, like, say, assassins trying to kill the defenseless sorcerers while they're in ritual. Then you can cut from scene to scene (waking world vs. dreamworld) like they do in the movies.

      But if you're in the Dreamworld, slow and boring is not how I'd characterize magical battles. They're more like superheroes as they can throw anything at each other that they can conceive of. That's pretty dynamic if you ask me. ;)

      Other than that, however, I liked his review.

    • I thought his review was pretty good, except for the magic part myself. I do disagree with him on the anatomy of the janah though. The thing is, after being on Furcadia for so long, I've pretty much accepted years ago that different people favor different body types for their anthros.

      You will always have some that accept more humanistic physical characteristics and others who prefer more animalistic ones. There was even a debate on plantigrade vs digitigrade feet on the Furcadia forums at one time. So hearing that the reviewer does not like birds with boobs is no biggie.

      To me, if a GM wishes to say that the janah are a little closer in appearance to the animals they come from, then that is fine for his/her campaign. Want snake jenu without legs? Easy enough, make it so.

      Still, it is nice to see that someone gave the book a chance and reviewed it fairly. :)

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    • And in the end, even with many of the critiques he had, he gave SHARD an excellent recommendation... I really appreciate this type of commentary, and the fact he was willing to take the time to do it in the first place....


      Also,...I hope he has the chance to join the forum here with us, and checks out several of the discussions pertaining to magic, some of which deal with some of his concerns, and even offer more detailed suggestions for pacing, as Aaron described...

      I always love a good, healthy discussion concerning a variety of GM-ing techniques to handle just such situation in order to keep game-flow consistent and fun...

      Scottie ^^
    • Well... I saw the review last week or so, and I must say that he gave Shard a possitive commentary - but, the points that he criticized are a bit strange. He said that he would like to make the zoics with digitigrade legs... a GM has the "power" to make it so - that is the advatage of old-school gaming. THE GM CONTROLS THE WORLD not the rulebook. I found the magic system very interesting and unique, there are much possibilities if the GM knows how to use it in the right way - that is what I disliked in DnD... the game was too much predictable when rulelawyers appeared on our session (well, the characters ended up very quickly as a form of penalty), which destroyed the atmosphere that I tried to build up.
      The point is - a advise for all newcomers to GMing - YOU are controlling the world, there are no limits :P
    • RE: Youtube Video Review

      Thanks for the link. I just viewed it and while I respect this fellow's feelings, there are a couple of things he simply didn't understand. As one of the original play testers I am pleased with the overall critique of the game , but I do feel a few things need to be cleared up.

      Number one the pre-history of the game, the part considered science, is presented to explain how the player character races first came to this world as well as show that, while technology as we know it is not the norm, it is not beyond the scope of this game system.

      Secondly, in the combat system all actions as well as reactions take away from the amount of things you roll for at the beginning of combat, only the half move , speech, dropping a weapon etc. would be considered "free".

      Thirdly, there is metal on the world, just in extremely small amounts.

      And finally, while the magic system is ritualistic, it can certainly be called upon quickly, such as in combat once the proper spells have been cast and are in place. It's more like the magic you would find in old Conan the Barbarian comics. Not something you would cast in combat , but if you had a demon bound who needs a magic missle? It is different, but can be just as fun for everyone. I for one like the idea that magic in Shard is not "cookie-cutter", perfect, and guaranteed each time.

      I hope this helps.

    • I just watched the review and have to agree with everyone else here in saying that the magic system, while ritualistic and keeping with the concept of eastern mythos, is nowhere near slow and laborious.

      I also feel I should point out, since I have DMed Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, that the spellcaster class he loves, Warlock, is one of the most overpowered and unbalanced classes in the system. I believe the only one worse than Warlock created by Wizards of the Coast is Dread Necromancer.

      Sorry about my short rant, but it is the truth and I feel that, as such, Tetsubo57's opinion is too skewed to truly be considered an actual critical review. I will say that he did sum up the combat system very well, though his view on the caste system is off. Yes the caste system is idealistic, but it is followed as closely as the GM wants it to be. Also, he must have never looked at any artwork for anthropomorphic animals. It is common to see animals that normally don't have breasts have them as well as snakes having arms and legs. To point out a very good example from D&D 3.5, the Yuan-Ti had arms and legs and they were described as serpent-folk.

      Sorry, I ranted again. It's just that he really got my goat by presenting such a biased review. I love the design of this system and the presentation is magnificent. I have read dozens of systems, and played quite a few of them. Shard is among my favorites alongside Exalted, Pathfinder and New World of Darkness.
    • GM in Control

      I have been learning that is true. I am thinking of GM a game of Shard after we finsih this game. Right now I am playing a Otter with a split personality in a shard game. Lots of things had happened not the way the GM thought they should of so now he is dealing with it. Right now I am understanding in any RPG game That there is a lot of prep time involved and I think that because we wanted to play so bad we didn't give the gm the time he needed. I have never GM a game before so I am a GM virgin. It should be fun. My husband and supporter is a gamer since 1979. Well our GM had planned a game for High Caste character but instead of having us change our characters he change the game so it made it a little harder. This is why I agree with you that the GM has control.
      Well by for now