New To Shard & Thanks To Creators

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    • New To Shard & Thanks To Creators

      I am happy to have found SHARD however I am anxious to know how the new material is coming along as we just formed a group and would like to know if there is new material possible before the end of the year or if any projected date is out there as of now

      Also I would like to thank both Scott and Aaron for their time as I have noticed over the past couple of days that although the Basic book has been out for a while you both are still pretty active in the forums I truly thank you for that

      I have noticed in my readings that you had given some in site into the worlds guide book and I would like to know if some more detailed drawings such as the air ship you have enlightened us on will be available for other aspects so that they could be used as templates such as Inns, Taverns, Docks, Sea Ships, and other common buildings for the area and or story line

      Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing more SHARD in our area seeing as I informed the local gaming shop about it recently as well
    • Hey there DarkLadyKat and welcome to the forums! :3

      I agree, it is really awesome of Scott and Aaron to be so supportive!

      I am really looking forward the new books myself!

      I hope you have fun on the forums and find yourself a great group of players soon! :D

      It'd be really great to hear about what adventures you embark together, too!
    • RE: New To Shard & Thanks To Creators

      Hey there DarkLadyKat!

      Welcome to the Forums!

      I'm so glad you found SHARD and are enjoying it so far!

      As far as the next book goes (Magic and Martial Arts), I have some "good" news! I just ended a contract with the company I've been doing art for over the last 9 months, and will be taking time now to concentrate entirely upon trying to finish the next book over the next 3-6 months before I need to get back into another paying job of some kind...

      It'll be rough for a bit, because of financial reasons, but at least I'll be able to focus on my passion for SHARD for a while, and get you guys something new finally!

      I'm so glad you're enjoying our levels of interactivity we spend for the Forums... It's actually a great pleasure to interface with fellow game enthusiasts, and our hope is that it'll get even better once we finally get more content out for you!

      As far as more stuff like the skyship details and schematics I shared, that's stuff that is eventually planned for the World Guide, our third planned book, which will have lots more fiction, maps of typical cities, and other potential schematics and nitty-gritty details, such as can be found scattered as examples here and there on the Forums... I have a lot of cool plans, but have, over the last year and a half, had to focus so much time on the whole "earning a living" thing that I've fallen WAY behind my earlier hopes for publishing more stuff... Hopefully this push gets this next book out the door, and puts me well on the way through the third book too!

      Thanks for sharing the word of SHARD with your local gaming shops and enthusiasts in your area... With our limited advertising budget, nothing helps us more than word-of-mouth from awesome friends and fans...

      Take care, and let us know if you have other questions!

      Scottie ^^
    • Thank you for the luck finding a group but the group kinda found me a friend knew that I loved D&D and knew that I didnt have a local group here going for that so I was introduced to SHARD and thus far the adventure creating my character was the best I have a Tiger Assasian who masquarades as an Innkeeper, my husband is an Anaconda Gambling propiator who has his gambling den on his ship, we also have an otter Cook with multi personality disorder and a fox who is a burlesque propiator.
      For or first adventure it has started off with a new gang of bandits trying to muscle in on the territory

      a pretty simplistic start but we are all getting a feel for the game play and how things work before we start treading around the world on the more adventurous plans.

      I have given our gm the mini games found here and he and I both are on the look out always for detailed starts to an adventure and once we get a good feel for this one I will sit down with our GM and write up a doc that I can attach tot he forums as well
    • Thank you very much for that timeline and I can definately appreciate needing to get to the real life aspect of making money over a passion
      I have for the past year been working on a Fantasy Novel and I own my own business so finding the time to keep on the writing path is not always easy and unless I became a number one hit over night it couldn't pay my bills right off hand. So don't sweat it to much but I will be anticipating the upcoming magic and martial arts book, and desperately waiting on the world guide I so far have loved the basic text.

      I created the ninja frogs as actual workable pets who speak cant, and are really only good for tracking, gathering intel, and delivering poison darts as they are pretty small in size and strenght