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    • A useful tool

      I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured here would be appropriate enough.

      When I created a test character, a low cast grey wolf hunter, I wanted to give him a name that meant something; in this case, Shadow. I spent a half-hour or so checking through various translators trying to find one that would translate the word into Hindi. Most of the ones I found only gave the word in Hindi script, without giving what the English spelling would be. And then I found this one: hindi-english.org/index.php?in…ns=Translate&direction=ES which told me that his name was Amderh.

      So, for those of you who want specific meanings for your names, there you are.
    • RE: A useful tool

      That's an excellent tool! Especially if you want to make sure that your name has a specific meaning....

      I've also been using Google Translate (an app on my iPhone) which gives not only the Hindi writing, but the English word spelling AND the soundfile associated with how to pronounce the word!

      Here's the site for getting that same tool through the web translate.google.com/#en/hi/

      I LOVE the current generation of word translation technology... You can look up Indonesian and Persian as well, and get all kinds of excellent SHARD-sounding names...

      Thanks for sharing your resource with us...

      Scottie ^^