A great recent Demo!

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    • A great recent Demo!

      I just held a GREAT recent demo at my local Austin Dragon's Lair, and was luckily assisted by the members of my current gaming group!

      Several of them (Eric, Yishai, and Joe), are "training" with me to be able to run quick 3-4 hour demos of the game to help introduce totally new folks to the world of SHARD and what a game might feel like...

      We are now approaching the last few such "training sessions" that cause them to experience first-hand what it's like to run a game in public with a group of folks who they not only may not know, but who have NO idea what SHARD is, and possibly have never played a tabletop RPG!

      At first I was worried that it was such a slow night at Dragon's Lair that no new folks would care to sit and play, but as it turned out, we had four new marvelous folks (an entire family of veteran gamers of other genres and an additional player who had never played an RPG before) come and join us, and while the three "trainees" watched, my other two players from my own game filled in the final slots and made for a fantastic demo!

      We sold some product to Dragon's Lair on the spot, since the family ended up buying some stuff, and we gave out some cool prizes while spreading the word that very, very soon, my three "trainees" would be running demo games of their own making at Dragon's Lair, which we'll eventually be announcing here and on Facebook...

      Dragon's Lair will be moving to an awesome new (and MUCH roomier) location in about a month, and we're targeting for all these new games sometime around then!

      Look for more information here, as we announce it!

      Once we get a good schedule of SHARD games going there,...we'd LOVE to see any of you "forumites" come for a visit to play, if you happen to be close enough to Austin to make that feasible...

      Thanks again to all my players for their presence, help, and continuing support....

      Good Gaming!

      Scottie ^^