Are Herbvores Underrated?

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    • Are Herbvores Underrated?

      This is thought I got looking at this picture

      And it made me think, how many people want to play a Kangaroo? or a Songbird?

      I notice in the tales of People's campaigns how many People choose Wolves for a PC and among the Devah the most important to the lore are a Lion, a Fox and a Cobra

      And thinking about the new species templates to appear in the next book, how many people want to play a Tapir or a Wombat or an Emu?
    • There are plenty of cultural reasons that herbivores are held in such high esteem. Various animals have associations...baggage. Goats eat tin cans, owls are wise, pigs are filthy. Some of that baggage even went into the writing of the animal templates themselves. Owls are not the sharpest tools in the shed on earth and yet they're a little smarter in Shard. When I was writing the next 90 templates, often I was at a loss. What cultural associations does a nuthatch have in my culture?

      That being said, there are plenty of reasons to play herbivores and to have fun doing it. They have just as much to offer as the carnivores in playability.
    • I hear you, Fortunately many of the upcoming species in the next book are common enough (Mostly the Paksin and Vajrah the Sarpah...Not so much) We have upcoming Flamingos, Camels/Llamas, Moose (Bullwinkle Jokes), Hedgehogs (Sonic Jokes) Woodpeckers (Cue Woody Woodpecker Laugh), Roadrunners (Beep Beep!) We have the Gopher category which includes Chipmunks and Moles, Rats which are different from Mice, Blue Jays and Robins, and Pelicans to name the Animals that would be recognizable the average Elementary Schooler