Here's an Idea Shard ASMR

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    • Here's an Idea Shard ASMR

      So my sister got me brand new headphones and I thought 'What if someone created Shard Inspired' ASMR? I mean it would probobly be a voice over with a still images unless you were really could with CGI or Jim Henson level with puppets but Shard has many scenarios perfect for ASMR from being groomed at a bathhouse to sampling teas and finger foods at a tea house to a an elder sir'hibas taking you to a lovely dream

      Just a thought
    • To be honest, I'd never heard of ASMR videos before, but I find the idea itself very interesting. I'm not quite sure how it could be established as "Shard themed" without a great deal of explanation in advance, and potentially enough props and special effects to actually make it feel like one is "seeing into" the world of Shard... I think you're right, it might take either some REALLY good still art and images fading into one another, or some Jim Henson Studios-level special effects... I'm not sure how one would achieve all of those things together using the same somewhat limited budget associated with creating such videos in one's own home as that lady from England does... ^^

      Since the primary videos created by the lady who made them "popular" indicate the videos deal with events that are somewhat mundane and comforting in a familiar way (for most), it would seem to me that requiring too much explanation (or in fact exposition) to help people understand the very alien environment of Shard might actually detract from the "relaxation" point of the videos... Shard's visual "theater" currently, if it could be said to have one, is the "theater of the mind",...invoked through enough descriptive narrative to actually help those involved envision in their imaginations the alien world around them, and the adventures achieved within... Perhaps one day that might change, if we are able to make enough visuals to actually create a cohesive little "story experience" that can seamlessly (and in a relaxing way) lead a viewer through an entire video's-worth of sensations....

      When engaged in such story-telling activity while gaming with others, the RPG group event itself thwarts the level of comfortable, private intimacy that these videos seem to achieve, and instead creates more group-based "story-driven conflict" (the "game" portion of it) as opposed to relaxation... To achieve true relaxation, the visuals of these ASMR videos play directly into that goal by associating those visuals closely with the whispered words or soft sounds being created...with any brief descriptive voice-overs directly related to the sights we're seeing and the sounds we're hearing... With that in mind, I can certainly imagine how some of the scenarios you mentioned could lend themselves to that, as long as all the game-based conflict was left out of it...

      Anyway,...enough musing on my part... Thanks for the fun diversion of a topic!

      Scottie ^^
    • One thing for me personally is I can become very relaxed reading a description of a massage/grooming/otherwise relaxing scenario so it could be possible to just write about a random Janah of any kind taking a trip to the bathhouse and writing lavish detailed descriptions of everything he/she experiences there, considering there are different things for different Janah depending on what species they are (Scented Powders for Paksin instead of oils, specific care for claws or horns etc) You could have multiple stories for different Janah