Thoughts on a campaign

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    • Thoughts on a campaign

      So I'm working on a campaign idea that can start simply, and build out from there. I've been thinking about getting my group involved with the Crystal Corsairs - or at least, as skyship pirates who haven't yet pirated anything of note. They'll be shooting to be part of the Corsairs, since a certain amount of camaraderie and honor amongst thieves exists in the 'group'. So we'll start like that - everyone being crew of an aspiring pirate ship. The first few sessions will look something like this:

      Session 1: The ship's first attack against a trade ship! This will allow them to get familiar with the system, focusing mostly on cool moves and the simplicity of getting in a fight. It also works as the opening shot of the movie/series that I create in my head when I run a campaign. This session wraps up with the group finding out two things - the ship they attacked was Ispurian in origin (Oops!), and two, it was carrying a Mangai carrying something of great importance (note I didn't say value) - a book written in a strange language.

      Session 2: The Mangai will plead not only with the PCs, but their captain, in order to get them to bend a little on taking her - she'll bribe them, if necessary! Because she is convinced that this strange book she carries harbors a secret that could potentially shake the foundations of the Mahist faith. I know my players - they'll be interested enough to encourage this, and if not, a healthy bribe should get the stragglers onboard! But there's another problem - they attacked an Ispurian ship, which violates the agreement that the Corsairs and Ispuria have. So they'll have to figure out how to handle that.

      Session 3: They'll head for Ispuria, and things will come to a head. Someone knows the Mangai's coming, and tries to stop her. This will result in the NPC captain being removed from the picture, and a running fight out of the capital city and back to their ship to figure out their next move - do they seek out Dar heretics for support, or try and convince a different Mahist sect that the book holds some important secret? And why hasn't the Mangai told them what it is? This is a good place to pause, in case my group isn't into it, but I don't think if I leave it at that cliffhanger, they'll stop. Haha.

      That's my first little bit of an outline, for at least a few sessions. From there, we'll see how things shake out!
    • This sounds like a good start to a great adventure, one which could potentially span into an epic tale of which the characters play major parts.... I encourage you to take your time and be sure to use any drawbacks built into the player characters to add a level of uniqueness to each character and provide glimpses into the players back grounds. If I may suggest, brief mini-stories or adventures which could be said to have happened in the characters past is an excellent way to invest players into the histories of the characters they play while adding more depth to the overall characters concept...
      Always remember we are only a few clicks away if you need any help or run into writers block with this or any other adventure...
      Good luck and have fun!