Does anyone have questions about Magic Rituals?

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    • Does anyone have questions about Magic Rituals?

      I wanted to start this thread to answer any potential questions about Magic Rituals and to have an opportunity to share some of the things which I personally use during the game when in ritual myself.
      I normally take an approach to magic which mirrors some of the practices from my daily life, so most of my magic rituals begin with cleansing the space the ritual will take place in by using sage, this helps to ensure that no other negative energies are present during the time of the ritual and prevents the intention of the magic from being twisted into undesirable outcomes.
      Next I begin inscribing the chalk or sand magical characters upon the surface of the area where the ritual will take place and placing any focus items in the desired positions, for myself this often involves honoring the four carnal directions and choosing one to pay particular attention towards as it may be the primary focus of the ritual itself.
      Then I begin chanting in order to center my mind, the chanting helps to bring the characters will into focus and adds flavor to the scene itself while role playing. I use any number of simple phrases from books or names which are symbolic of the energy I am attempting to channel during the ritual itself... I am always careful not to let this part of the role play last too long as it may become boring for other players who are listening, so just a sample of what my character is chanting is enough to give other players an idea of what their characters may hear if they are present for the ritual...
      After which I then proceed to the lighting of incense both to heighten the ritual and possibly as a gift to the powers I intend to invoke. The sweet smelling aroma has often been used in magic as a pleasing offering to higher powers and it works the same way in the world of SHARD.
      Next I like to make it a point to clear all of my chakras in preparation of drawing up the energy needed to perform the ritual itself.
      Finally with that being done I begin my ritual in earnest and it is at this point that the formal ritual itself actually takes place. Keep in mind that the magic in the SHARD universe is a very uncertain thing and should be used with respect and approached with caution due to the dangers involved in the very nature of the magic itself and the fact that all magic requires a cost from the caster to be successful, with this in mind the ritual then takes place and the extra dimensional forces of the DREAM are manipulated to contact other powers to accomplish the desired effect.
      Finally after these steps are taken and the magic has been completed the ritual must be brought to a close and any excess energies dispatched and returned to the place from whence they have been drawn as the the magic circle is broken and the mage returns to the realm of normal consciousness.Note that, It is always a good idea to thank the powers which have been used to accomplish the miraculous feats of magic at this point to ensure no ill will is taken for beseeching the aid and time of beings which exist beyond the veil of the DREAM. At this point the ritual is complete and the area it took place in must be restored to the state it was in before any of the magic was invoked, which normally would include either the sir hibasi or one of his/her assistants would be required to replace focus items and tidy up any excess residue from the magic, and restore the area to the state it was in before the ritual. This could be very little in the case of an area which is designed for the casting of spells or it could be quite involved if the ritual was performed in an area which serves multiple purposes...

      If anyone would like to add possible additions to the list of suggestions above please feel free to do so below...