Desert Zoics and Aquaphobia

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    • Desert Zoics and Aquaphobia

      So this subject came to me while planning an upcoming fanfic I'm writing in the Loonatics Unleashed Fandom (If you don't know what Loonatics Unleashed is...It is a very polarizing cartoon and one of my guilty pleasures So I was imaging this seen where a Roadrunner Character is caught in a drowning pit and begins sinking like a rock because skinny people with long legs tend to do that while having a massive panic attack because desert species tend to not like being immersed in water

      So that got me thinking, are any upcoming Zoics going to have Aquaphobia in the species template as a suggested drawback, like the Mockingbird has Claustrophobia as a potential drawback...If not then what Desert Species would be recommended to have a fear of water?
    • This is an excellent question and one that sadly with out the most updated information related to the new Animal templates can not answer with absolute certainty....
      What I can say is (at the risk of being vague) that there may be some in the latest book with this DRAWBACK but most likely it would be a suggested DRAWBACK as opposed to one that all of the members of a particular animal species are afflicted with. The primary reason this is so..... is so as to, not discourage potential players from being interested in the particular animal type, due to what could incorrectly be assumed to be mandatory DRAWBACKS.
      The rules as they are written allow a player the freedom to choose whether or not it would make sense for the character to have any DRAWBACKS at all, regardless of whether they are a part of the animal template or not..... The way this is done is by simply adjusting the cost of the animal after having a discussion with your GAME MASTER during which, the player would be presenting reasons why it would make sense for a particular DRAWBACK to be either included or excluded. These desires should be backed up by both fictional components as well as any additional information which may have been uncovered related to the particular animal in question in our own world.
      Lastly we must always keep in mind that while these are listed as ANIMAL TEMPLATES, it is important to remember that they also have a certain amount of...." human essence" which has been integrated into their various beings at a genetic level by the sacrifice of the GREAT MOTHER AND FATHER. The benefits of having a human shape in and of itself would possibly be enough to override many traits we give to animals as they may originate from the nature of the animals form and not from any MENTAL DRAWBACK. I make this point because humans are perhaps some of the most adaptive of all the animals on our world and by virtue of having higher than most animal intelligence are capable of overcoming many of the things which would limit beings without that gift to be subject to fears which may be irrational to a mind capable of understanding the various laws of physics and the somewhat unpredictable results of magic spells and beings which are accepted as a part of daily existence on the world of SHARD...
      In the end, we have attempted to create a free flowing system which can allow for the desires of any players to be indulged and met with regards to DRAWBACKS AND ADVANTAGES, making it such that if you as a player, are able to make a compelling case for any part of a template to be changed , I cannot imagine it would not be allowed by most GAME MASTERS, provided the change in question did not lead to imbalance, disrupt the story or blatantly violate any of the rules which have been carefully put in place to govern the game itself.
      Once again I find the way that your mind explores the possibilities of this world to be most refreshing and I constantly delighted to ponder the questions that you present. I also find myself coming to this forum with anticipation as to what we will discuss next.... and ,for that I thank you! :thumbsup: