Would you ever 'Rip from the headlines?'

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    • Would you ever 'Rip from the headlines?'

      So...Sometimes when I'm bored and can't think of anything I scan some of my Favorite YouTubers who talk about current events and...

      So this is 2nd Story I've heard this week about a Mom trying to kill her Newborn by flushing it down the porcelain throne. And that got me thinking about the whole 'ripped from the headlines' thing writers will sometimes do basing stories around true events, and this got me thinking about how this could be applied to Shard

      Sure Dardunah has no Flush 'Toilettes' and no fast food restaurants but postpartum depression can exist in Zoics like it does in Janah (Though in the above story I'm not sure this is postpartum depression in play) And in Dardunah we have inns and tea houses as public places to eat

      By the way I've been meaning to ask, in Dardunah, do some species lay eggs or do all Zoics give birth because they are infused with 'Human Essence' one recap of a campaign
      mentioning a Moniter Lizard Character being 'hatched' though reference to 'Pregnant Sarpah' and the image of a Pregnant pitohui causes me to doubt
    • Hello!
      As it turns out depression and any other types of mood swings totally exist in SHARD.... We could even go further and say that any type of insanity which is known on our own world exists there as well.... So things like.... MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER, MEGALOMANIA, SADOMASOCHISM, PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA, and many others would not only be known but be documented by those trained as either Doctors or Healers. Those trained to deal with things would have multiple ways to heal such afflictions based in both MAGIC as well as the technical skills of their profession.

      As for the final question regarding the birth of all Janah on the world of SHARD.... All offspring are produced via live birth due to the infusion of the human genetics which in some cases has superseded the animal DNA in some respects such as the overall shape of the feet and hands as well as other qualities such as the need for sex to reproduce and giving live births.

      This was a good question however and I am quite sure we will have many more...
    • Yes, the idea of "ripping form headlines" can certainly be enticing, and absolutely the idea of the representation of many different kinds of "madness" would certainly be a part of the Shard universe. Of course, there would be much debate, depending on what part of the world your campaign might be set in, as to whether such madness was purely mental, purely mystical (including possession by spirits and demons and such), or some strange combination of both!

      The whole "Slenderman" concept could easily be adapted, as long as you were careful to flavor it with elements that brought it firmly (and hopefully uniquely) into the realm of "Eastern" myths and legends... Giving it the flavor of ancient India, Persia, Bali, etc. will surely lend it far more interesting traits, in the same way that a "regular" scary ghost story might be spiced up a notch by setting it an another country or culture... "The Grudge", for instance... has a really cool "feel" to most American audiences, because they are not as familiar with its Japanese setting and the lore that is inherent to that culture...

      Scottie ^^
    • Of course! And recall, if you will, how interesting and yet terrifying the character of "No Face" was in the Miyazaki animation "Spirited Away"... Even though, in the end, it was a being that could be pitied and empathized with, it started off being mysterious, became sinister and horrific, and ultimately became terrifyingly frightening before it eventually was able to vomit up the "corruption" it had taken into itself... Much of this seemed very "alien" to most American audiences, but certainly was familiar to Japanese lore enthusiasts, and was ultimately resonant at a very primal level to most everyone who I've talked to who has seen that film...

      You have a good night!

      Scottie ^^