Looking forward to more Martial Arts History

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    • Looking forward to more Martial Arts History

      While the thing I'm most excited about is the completing of all the Animal Templates but looking at the sneak peek from Magic and Martial Arts featuring Greater Kellendu Style complete with a Mini-Fiction and relating the history of the style with the Cobra Lady Chandani, I'm guessing some styles are so old they don't have the same story with a single named founder things can be traced to but still it is becoming more intimate knowing more individual Janah, more than the Devah and the Heroes of the Twilight Wars

      By the way, tonight I went to Emerald Knights to show off my Shard Book
    • Cool! Hopefully the folks at Emerald Knights enjoyed checking it out!

      We're hoping you'll really enjoy the histories and fictional snippets attached to each of the new Martial Styles... And, in addition to the individual styles themselves, each of the four categories these styles fall into (Temple, Lineal, Military, and Arena) has a few pages of fictional reference to add context to how these kinds of styles came to be!

      Happy New Year, by the way!

      Scottie ^^