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    • Number Talk

      So this is thread about Numbers relating to Stats and Points

      Inspired by an earlier conversation about how the Chicken Zoic has to lowest Base Points scanning through the Templates I saw in Contrast the Zoics with the MOST Base Points are both Deadly Serpent and Lethal Serpent tied at 85 Each

      So...One thing I noticed looking at the Essence of every Zoic Type, while the Animals who have the Maximum of 12 Essence make sense Bats, Crows, Sea Turtles Animals that can be seen as Mystical and Mysterious But looking at see who has the lowest Maximum Essence of 7 (If any Template coming in Magic & Martial Arts has an even lower Essence Maximum I'll be happy to find out) So the Zoics who have a Essence Maximum of 7 Large Constrictors Crocodillians and...Secretary Birds...I mean I see the connection between to two Sarpah, they are both burly ferocious reptiles more likely to be associated with brute strength than magic and mystery but Secretary Birds? Though after re-reading the Template I realized they are kind like the Jocks of the Paksin Race more so than the Raptors.

      This struck me as particularly interesting because in the Basic Compendium no Vajrah had an Essence Maximum of 7 lots of 9s and 8s but no lower Again I have yet to see if any Vajrah from Magic Arts has a 7 or Lower Essence Maximum so I guess we just have to wait and see
    • Greetings and Salutations!!!
      I would like to apologize for my recent absence due to having my attention focused on the final combined efforts of Scott, Andrew, myself and others to complete the latest book, the long awaited "MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE" but now that it is done I look forward to continuing our conversations about all things SHARD related.

      One of the reasons that the serpents have a higher starting cost than most other creatures is due to the cost of poison which is a very powerful animal ability. Believe me when I tell you it can be used to horrific effect in the game, considering that once it is introduced or applied it continues to do damage automatically for a number of rounds equal to its level of potency and can only be halted by the use of specific healing magic or possibly with a combination of a poison knowledge roll along with a medical skill roll such as Dress Wound or surgery. Either of these solutions however require time to perform, time in which the unfortunate victim of the poison's effects will continue to suffer possibly unto death. The effects of multiple applications of poison are also cumulative with any prior effects, and could require additional medical skill rolls per wound. Let us consider that the Lethal Serpent has a level 5 poison at its disposal. That means that for every successful poison attack the victim would suffer damage from the initial attack itself as well as an additional damage for a number of rounds equal to the level of the poisons severity level, ( in the case of the Deadly or the Lethal Serpent this would amount to the following.... ( weapon+successes = initial damage + 5 levels of poison damage for 5 rounds per attack ) so a single strike would cause at least 26 levels of damage unless the poison could be rendered harmless. In addition the victim would also be required to roll versus Vigor and Will each at a -2 on the dice roll or suffer additional effects. These steps would be followed for each and every injection/application of the poison affecting the victim. To put it mildly poison is no joking matter in the game.

      However the balance in the favor of the creatures with less starting costs, is that those creatures are left with a greater amount of "free points" which they can use to purchase skills, which makes them much more adaptable and in some cases more diverse with respect to the abilities they may possess. So that the balance is maintained in a manner of speaking for all players.

      In any Statistic a number 6 is considered average, so that a 7 in essence merely indicates that the Janah is slightly above average with respect to magical ability. You will also note that there are a few 's other Statistics which have maximums even lower, such as Strength scores much lower than that, I think the lowest one I can recall is a Maximum of 4 for the Hummingbird. However 5's -6's and 7's are quite common maximum levels for strength through out the book. So I would not concern myself too much about any Statistics which are within one or two points of the normal average. The few which are less than the average have evident and obvious reasons why. Lastly to answer your question about if any of the Vajrah have 7 or lower Essence Maximums in the Magic and Martial Arts Guide, the answer is no. But who are we to question the divine will and wisdom of the Devah with respect to the limits and bounds placed upon the forms of their children?