Toilet Paper and Dardunah

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    • Toilet Paper and Dardunah

      I know, I know this is generally a family friendly Forum and these issues don't usually come up in game however this is more about the rarity of paper inspired by this Let's Play of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego where in questioned an Ancient Roman states they wouldn't use such valuable material such as paper to wipe themselves they have sponges for that purpose

      So what would an Average Janah like Si'Ni's reaction be to 20th Century Earth Humans having so much paper they can wipe their butts with it?
    • Interesting question, the answer is, quite simply, that for the purposes of SHARD, much the same as in our own world, a variety of materials would be used for this purpose. Some areas might use a wash basin with a rag, others might use special types of plant leaves such as a type of large cotton leaf which could simply be discarded after use or possibly even further used in more creative and ecologically friendly ways as a form of recycled fertilizer for crops, while elite others might use a cleansing stream of water, which could be produced by the use of gravity to push the water from an elevated basin through a crystal tube or a hollow reed to produce a handy and tidy bidet. The important thing to keep in mind when dealing with the denizens of SHARD is that it only takes two rolled successes to be accomplish a task and since a score of 4-5 in any attribute is considered above average, those who possess attributes of legendary level or above would be quite capable of feats which would not normally be seen in our current world. That is to say if an inventor was to possess a Wit of 10 he/she would be able to develop many creations to improve the quality of life of those whom he served or for those whom could afford to purchase such inventions. The inventor would have the potential ability to roll a number of successes which could indicate that his creation was in fact of legendary workmanship and the item produced would be a subject of wonder, such as modern day construction such as the ancient pyramids and other unexplained ancient marvels of craftsmanship. The exact rules and procedure for new inventions in the world of SHARD will be covered in the soon to come WORLD GUIDE which is scheduled to be released after the MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE which should be available in late May....Now back to our subject.... What that would also mean, is that characters who are out-castes would likely lead a very different life from those who were wealthy or those who had the advantage of being born into the higher castes. Much the same as in our own society the more removed one is from poverty the more prominent the luxuries of convenience tend to be except in rare and special circumstances.

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