Thinking About a Dardunah Story about Bullying

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    • Thinking About a Dardunah Story about Bullying

      So...There have been a few movies about Bullying and sometimes the Bully Victim commits Suicide and in one horror movie her ghost destroys her tormentors one by one. Started thinking about a Dardunah take on this scenario with a bit more class than modern horror movies.

      So...Thinking of some Janah Teenagers, and one Bully Victim (Specific Jenu is up in the air for now, I still haven't decided if she should be a Vajrah, Paksin or Sarpah, but she will not be my Sow Character Si'Ni, Si'Ni doesn't attend any school she has a private tutor) The character could be a target because she has a physical disability, Maybe she's a foreigner and even if she's in a mixed race Metropolis like Tishnia her foreign accent and customs make her a subject of mockery, or maybe she is simply very shy and introverted, and she dies, maybe suicide, maybe she got accidentally run down by a runaway cart either way, she's dead and her ghost is haunting all her tormentors determined to bully them the way they bullied her in life. And the solution the priest gives instead of simply exorcising the ghost is encourage the Teens to make amends with the girl so she can move on to the afterlife
    • This is a great story idea. I would encourage you to look in the Basic Compendium on page 300 at the entry of the "Khaujiva" which is a tortured spirit.
      This would provide an excellent way to determine how the spirit in question would be able to accomplish its revenge by giving a frame work of the powers available to the spirit while also providing ways to determine how deadly the spirit might be in relation to those it is haunting.
      As for the priest they consult it might be that the spirit is beyond the priests ability to dismiss, or it could be that the priest which normally handles exorcising spirits is away and will not return for many months, lastly another possibility is that the priest after rolling a Ritual Lore skill, a Magic Theory skill, Religion skill and a Profession skill (Sadhu) might determine that the only way he is able to even attempt to release the spirit is if the teens make amends with the girl first so that she can move on to the afterlife with the help of the priests magic rituals. In this way it adds layers of complexity to the problem that the bullying children have inadvertently created due to lack of empathy and caring...
    • After thinking about it...I realize this could be a background story for my character Si'Ni's tutor Nava the Mountain Hare on why she specifically chose to help 'Special Needs' children in the first place, while the society probably has no word for 'Autism' or 'Asperger's Syndrome' yet Nava in her youth witnessed an Arctic Wolf Female who displayed many of the same things Si'Ni does and suffers horribly at the hands of her classmates (Probably a Mockingbird and Monitor Lizard as they have the drawback 'Bullying Nature')