Retractable claws

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    • That's an excellent question!

      For the sake of the various feline Zoic races in Shard, it should certainly be assumed that, if a particular type of cat has the ability to retract its claws on Earth as a species, then the Zooic based on that particular cat as a Zoic in Shard can as well... For instance, a tiger Zoic would be able to retract and extend her claws, while a cheetah Zoic would not, since cheetahs on Earth cannot retract their claws, and have claws that are always exposed, much like canines...
    • griffin wrote:

      I am a person who absolutely loves running felines of all types, am I correct in assuming that you might also be a fan of felines?
      I love cats...especially wildcats. I mean, big cats are cool but the small cats are where its at. Bobcats, ocelots, sandcats, oncilla, caracals, marbled cats, etc.
      My next character is probably going to be a jaguarundi or a Borneo Bay Cat. Both are kind of strange looking, slinky, sinister cats.
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    • I completely agree with you... These two choices are most excellent. With respect to the choices you have shown I cannot decide which would be the most exciting to run... Let me know which one you choose., And when it comes to making them unique there is are a few simple ways to do it... You could choose one of the existing templates for a cat of similar size and transpose a few of the characteristic maximums (provided you have access to both our books and you made sure that the ones you choose to switch are of the same costs) or you could build it from scratch using the guidelines provided in the back of the Basic Compendium on page 326-329. I am interested in hearing which Template creation option you choose to use to make the character you desire. Please keep me informed and if there is anything I can do to not hesitate to let me know.