Academy of Nilam

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    • Academy of Nilam

      Well...My sister is currently on her way to college in Canada, and rereading my Shard Book I was thinking about the Academy of Nilam and its reputation.

      While most Teachers are Holy Caste I see that Sunborn can be students, so thinking about my Gecko Character Sundra, while initially conceiving her full-fledged poet, I thought about instead making her a student of the poetic arts at the Academy.

      (Also I decided Sundra will be the character for my story based on a news story about a girl burned with hot cooking oil because she didn't want an arranged marriage)

      So Sundra and Si'Ni despite their differences in caste soon become close friends when they realize they have much in common over their strained relationship with their families seeing past their differences bonding over the fact 'My Mama treats me bad' while Sundra doesn't display any symptoms of Autism the fact her Mother has been abusive to her all her life may have caused her some...Iconoclastic Ideas
    • First of all I would like to congratulate your sister on working so hard to get accepted into a college she likes....
      So with respect to the title of teacher, you are correct, it is generally given to those of the Priest caste, however this does not mean that other professions cannot teach. The other professions may take apprentices and pass along the knowledge they have with respect to the skills they have mastered, which means that they can teach others in the fields they themselves have come to understand. I hope that this distinction helps you with your fiction.