Compare and Contrast Dardunah VS Actual Hinduism

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    • Compare and Contrast Dardunah VS Actual Hinduism

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      Gave me some insights which caused me to realize several things about the Devah that actually starkly contrasts original Hinduism, mind you I'm not hating I just realized while eating my Kraft Mac n Cheese that these differences seem to be a natural story consequence of the fact that the Janah are not Native to their universe, as two zookeepers and a bunch of Animals transforming as they arrived it is clear since they clearly didn't create the new place their inhabiting the 'Gods' can't be the things from which all of reality stems instead these newcomers had to integrate themselves into 'The Dream' but it seems to becoming incredibly clear that even Great Mother and Father are not all powerful which leaves Dardunah vulnerable to a disaster like Scott describes in post apocalyptic campaign from the Native inhabitants (What I'd really love to see someone do is take one idea from this forum and have the Corporation Ship AKA The Devourer come through to Janah perhaps really warps from having such a long wait to get to the other side)

      But what really struck me is that most of the Gods are just aspects of the more prominent Gods like a copy of a copy, in contrast the Devah with each one having presumably been an individual animal beforehand is his or her own individual and the fact they are treated like siblings strikes me more akin to Greek Mythology than Hindu, with the Thousand Years of Darkness being a War of the Siblings also feels like a Greek Mythology Trope as the Olympians were known for fueding with each other most famously in the story of the Trojan War

      Once again not hating just saying that it seems that sometimes it the Devah have influence of Western Writers and some Western ideas of what Gods are
    • This is great! These are very astute observations!

      Yes,...the differences you indicate are exactly for the reasons you mentioned... That, of course, as well as the fact that we wanted to avoid any direct correlations between a real-world religion, and the fantasy environment we were trying to create... Touching upon aspects of different faiths are fine for us (especially those that make for great story-telling, ethical dilemmas, and a variety of challenges and details), but trying to reproduce them for gaming's sake can lead to potential moments of pure offense we'd prefer to avoid...

      Scottie ^^