Tail Thread

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    • All right I'm mostly making this thread to push down the Spambertizments but talking about a story I made with a friend on Discord she asked if Humanimals have tails after they are transformed from normal animals to Humanimals and I said 'If they have a tail in normal form they have that tail in Humanimal form' and I imagined (Though haven't written down yet) that Tailed Humanimals are sometimes believe that Species without tails like Gorillas are somehow lacking in some way that and can be condescending to tailless creatures who get irritated and respond "I Don't need your pity!" But both tailed and tailless mammals will then pity Reptiles, Amphibians and other furless creatures for not having fur

      Has anyone ever RP'ed a situation where a character's tail got caught in the door?
    • In Shard the animal form you have is seen more as a "disguise" passed on to one's children, just as it was passed on to generations before them, as a gift from the Great Mother and Father to hide the jánah from the Devourer (Darkness Without End). That being the case, though there are those who take special pride in their form's attributes, the fact that one particular jenu seems to be in positions of authority or luxury is merely the result of the fact that such forms are passed on from parents to children, along with the Caste itself, which defines both potential nobility (or not) as well as general potential professions... There's very little "racism" or "body-shaming" (if any) to be found based on what animal you are, or what extra bits you might have, unless some greater category (like being a Sarpah after the Twilight Wars) was connected to some atrocity recognized by many.

      Issues pertaining to a Zoic's animal abilities and drawbacks due to having their specific form come up all the time, though... ^^ ... However, I can honestly say that in none of my campaigns has there yet been a situation where a character's tail got caught in the door, though that could be incredibly hilarious in a slapstick sort of way were it to happen... I can easily imagine having fun, as a GM, with that kind of thing... I did GM a game in which a serpent character got its tail grabbed by an insect creature attacking it, though, which made for a great tense moment in combat...
    • In Endoria's fiction one chapter is told from the perspective of a Squirrel who envies her Hare Friend's longer ears and while we all know how abominations are actually treated I would find it hard to believe that non-flying zoics don't ever briefly wish they could fly if only because it would be momentarily convenient (Gee, would be nice if I could fly over this crowded marketplace)
    • There's certainly no doubt about that, and possibly even thoughts like "Why did the devah give me this form? Why not a form that would have made me happier?" But, of course, a LOT of that would be explained by past lives and karma and such... It's easy to "rationalize" using faith... And as long as that faith doesn't blame others, and instead promotes reflective self improvement, it can actually work out! ^^
    • There is a martial style which has a maneuver which bends or breaks a tail however and its pretty effective. It can be found in the Magic and Martial Arts guide under Temple Styles, specifically the one known as Venerable Mentor Style. It is a specialized targeted maneuver on the location table listed as Snip the String. I have seen this performed a few times in game and it is very dramatic and quite entertaining to witness... :evil:
    • I am happy to have been able to provide you with what I can only imagine was an interesting bit of trivia, I hope it can be used in one of your upcoming games or some of your fan fiction.

      Venerable Mentor Style has a very special place in my own heart due to the fact that it involves gripping small fragile body parts like fingers, hands, noses, tails, and using the merciless grip to throw opponents to the ground or otherwise control their movements by use of carefully applied pain, in many cases resulting in disfigurement. Some of the other juicy moves include, "Parting the Curtain" which actually rips the opponents hand apart, while another called "Bandar Peels Melon" can rip the skin from the connecting tissues which hold it to the head. The Multi-Maneuver known as "Song Unheard" can pull an ear right off the side of a head and finally "Cracking Autumn Nuts" can dislodge finger nails making it a wonderfully vivid choice for action scenes which are sure to get the attention of most players and drive the story forward with a flare for the dramatic creating cinematic scenes which make any story come to life. 8o
    • I am not sure what you mean by this, am I misunderstanding you? I am assuming that TMNT is short for another game, which we are not qualified to comment on with any true authority.

      I can however guarantee you with reasonable assurance that all the skills in our game are based upon achieving a simple success and if that can be accomplished the skill in question is performed in a manner and to a degree that indicates what any reasonable person would expect from a successful performance.

      The reason I ask is that our rules are not dependent on what you roll on the injury table, but rather allow the player to choose which maneuvers he or she would like to attempt the same as any other skill. The table only provides a handy guide for assigning modifiers to the attempt to succeed at any attempt based upon its difficulty and the degree to which the maneuver could affect game play if it were successful. For instance instant kill maneuvers are difficult to achieve because they hold the capacity to kill instantly and many players would be disturbed if such drastic and dramatic moves where to be employed against themselves and the party they belong to without there being a very carefully maintained set of checks and balances in place to prevent the game from becoming unbalanced and the members of the party from inadvertently becoming cannon fodder.

      What that means is that if a character wanted to throw a knife aiming at an opponents arm and they rolled at least 2 successes then the knife would indeed succeed in a general strike to the targets arm and do normal damage with no additional effects. However, if instead the character wanted to cause damage and additional effects from having struck the target in the arm with a calculated attack designed to produce some other effect, that is when the Hit Location Table would be used to determine the negatives and offer information on the possible effects resulting from such a strike. In this way we allow those who wish to experience a greater level of realism in the game to gain the elements of combat one would observe in any high flying martial arts action film.

      I would like to take a moment to also address the fact that the Hit Location Table is only provided as a suggestion with respect to the parts of the body which might produce each effect, in truth any player is able to simply say they wish to use the table to strike another body part if they wish, noting that the effect will remain the same.

      I hope this clears up any confusion that you may have had regarding our combat system.

      On another note I think that running a pacifist is an exceptionally cool idea and I have thought about it myself on occasion. Note that if you should wish to make a character who is forbidden from fighting by whatever reasons, you may want to consider taking a Mental Drawback such as Code of Conduct and determine what degree the Drawback effects the character. This will not only be useful in determining the number of additional points you receive for the Drawback but will also give the Game Master an idea of how strong the Drawback is should he/she wish to put your character to the test with ethical dilemmas designed to further the story.
    • I like the concept of TMNT & OS just because I'm such a huge fan of Ninja Turtles and I kind of like the Urban Fantasy genre, it is similar to the video game Earthbound that instead of playing in a medieval fantasy or a space opera you're playing in the modern world (At least until TMNT Guide to the Universe and Transdimenstional TMNT introduced Alien Planets and Time Travel to the game respectively)

      I guess another question for Scott is did you have any of the expansion books that fell under After the Bomb like Road Hogs and Mutants Down Under which added more Animal Templates?
    • Teenage Mutant Sarpah wrote:

      Would love to hear about the Mutant Characters you played! And what kind of adventures did you have? Did you deal with Dr. Feral?

      Teenage Mutant Sarpah wrote:

      I guess another question for Scott is did you have any of the expansion books that fell under After the Bomb like Road Hogs and Mutants Down Under which added more Animal Templates?
      I actually never played games using these particular books and expansions (though I collected them all, and still have most of them to this day), I merely "absorbed" them as part of my growing lexicon of concepts that I used to enrich my very-active Advanced D&D campaign I'd been running for several years by that time... I was very pro-active in having anthropomorphic NPC and player offerings in those years, and needed all the details and ideas I could get my hands on... ^^
    • As far as I know most of the anthro player characters were created straight from the imaginations of our industrious players, however who truly knows where they may have drawn inspiration for the characters from, it is not unreasonable to assume that even when we think we are creating something new we may be using some aspect of our subconscious mind to recreate some notable character from a fiction we have encountered and enjoyed.