Will Someone Please Do Something about the Spambots?!

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    • We've been away and unavailable over this last week due to preparations being made for Havencon, followed by our attendance of it, which we've just returned from... But the primary reason this seems to be an issue is that whatever methods these spam-bots are using, their able to get by the "Captcha" security that is meant to catch them... Even upgrading it seems to do no good. We just have to make a sweep from time to time, looking specifically for those...

      Scottie ^^
    • We appreciate the information concerning these hackers and I will be visiting this forum on an almost daily basis from this date forward in the hopes that having more eyes available on the forum might give us a greater degree of protection. I agree with what Scott Jones said however, meaning that even if I were here as they attacked there is not a great deal I might be able to do to stop them from hacking in to our space. We are taking this issue seriously and are searching for alternative ways to thwart their efforts to spread spam.
    • We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and presence here upon this forum. Your unique questions and constant willingness to visit us is what we hope to eventually inspire in all our fans.
      Have you had any luck finding a group to play with in your local area? We are researching what it may take to create a podcast or similar online site dedicated to our players which could accommodate persons having similar difficulty in connecting with others to share our gaming experience. It is not finalized yet, but we are looking into it so stay tuned and we will keep you updated as our process progresses.
    • Unfortunately a lot of the people I know who play Tabletop RPGs just aren't...Well actually one did like the Shard Concept I just haven't brought the books when I visit Emerald Knights (Those books are HEAVY! And I can't drive meaning if someone doesn't drive me means I have to lug them at least partly myself) Also for some time I have been more focused on writing my own Anthro Fiction rather than playing games of any kind mostly traveling to Emerald Knights only to talk but I am thinking about taking a break from writing and maybe getting back into playing RPGs THIS Summer

      I was VERY irritated when striking a conversation with three players (Two Guys and one girl) And when I asked if they would ever like to try playing any Anthro Animal Game the Girl said "I already got two campaigns going" and she basically said she would just play those two campaigns for the rest of her life and I couldn't shake the feeling she just said that cuz she didn't want to play a 'Furry' game
    • I have found that the best way to get the attention of people with the kind of attitude the girl expressed is to ignore them completely and keep searching for other people like yourself, people who have been raised with common decency and have class enough to interact with other people with out being totally rude. If you can even find one person to share with, the fun you will be having will naturally draw others to you who want the same experience for themselves, as for the rude girl, the only thing I can say about her and her lack of willingness to even discuss anything other than what she is already exposed to is... That, it is impossible to free the mind of a person who is comfortable within its own cage.
    • She may not have been rude however I would say that she is easily satisfied and perhaps a bit short sighted. Despite my love for the game which we have played for decades I have never declined to even hear about another game, in fact quite the contrary I have played a number of different games simply for a change of pace. Does that mean that I consider them better than SHARD? No, but it was still a pleasure to enjoy them, and to meet new role players in the experience.