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    • We understand that there are a limited number of topics any person will need to speak about with respect to each of the books which we have released, and we are happy to answer any and all questions you have as they occur to you. That being said, as far as the nations which may be of interest to you rest assured that in the next book the World Guide, there will be detailed information not only with respect to each of the nations but we are working to include information on the views each individual nation holds with respect to each of the other nations. You will be able to gain an understanding of whether they are friendly or hostile and even more subtle clues as to how citizens of each nation might behave towards others.

      As we continue to finish sections of the new book, it has been our custom to pre-release sections as a reward for our faithful followers such as yourself, and we do hope that you will be pleased with what we share.
    • One thing I did think about is...So far the revealed current leaders have been males Tishnia's is a male wolf, Bakari's is a Male Clydesdale and I started thinking surely you guys must have put in some Female Rulers are they in the Sarpah Lands? In the Paksin lands (Klinrah is a bit of an ambiguous situation because when the information about Klinrah was posted it stated that the Leader isn't a lifelong position and switches hands regularly)
    • There are indeed female rulers some of which rule in the lands of the Sarpah. Klin Rah is ruled by a council of elites, and as such has a number of females as members, but due to the nature of the machinations which are the bread and butter of that nation the length of time any of them serve is directly related to the skill they possess in navigating the dangers posed by those who would seek to replace them.
    • The Princes of any of the nations may well be either male or female and this is reflected in many of the Principalities upon the face of the world. The simple rule of thumb however is that what we provide in our text only covers certain time periods and if a game master is running a campaign outside of those times they are free to select the sex of the ruler of any nation to suit the needs of the campaign they are running. The rules as they are written expressly state that any tittle may be held just as easily and one might assume just as often by a female as a male in any circumstance.