Poison Dart Frogs

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    • Poison Dart Frogs

      One thing that came to mind reading Endoria's great fiction with a Poison Dart Frog as an important character...So...The principle is all Janah can breed freely within their own Jenu, but how does that work with Poison Dart Frogs who are toxic to the touch with Poisonous Birds they just have to stop eating the tentacles (And actually this is the same with poison dart frogs in captivity they never eat the ants they need to become poisonous so keepers can handle them safely) Like I thought about what would happen if a poison dart frog mom gave birth to a different Sarpah baby and how would the child nurse...But how would a different Sarpah be able to make the baby in the first place?
    • That type of issue is one of many that would be on the plate of the individual GM running the particular game/campaign featuring these jánah prominently. I'm sure that most GMs would choose to indicate that (like all poison dart frogs, due to their body's particular amino acids) the children of poison dart frogs would share an immunity to that type of batrachotoxin... That isn't to say the immunity would come "for free" in the case of game rules and terminology. It would actually be "built in" to whatever character would need it, using points (if that's the way the character or NPC were made...

      You will notice that we didn't "build that immunity into" the Animal Template for the poison dart Zoic either... That's because, for the sake of indicating that our Zoics are a "blend" of human and animal physiology, some traits and talents are not directly carried over... Having such an immunity is fairly expensive and powerful from a stand-point of dealing with other poison dart frog jánah without worry, so the assumption, in our game, is any such immunity not listed in the Animal Template would need to be purchased as part of the Character Creation process, and would be explained in any way the GM chooses. In the case of the other parent, who might not also be a poison dart frog, there are certainly ways to assume that a Character or NPC would (and could) take the time to slowly "build up an immunity" to the contact poison of a person they dearly loved... It would be tough, of course, but love is worth it, I suppose... But, as it states in the Description of the Animal Template for the poison dart frog, regardless of their gregarious nature, they tend to avoid physical contact with other Zoics, and this is certainly because gaining such an immunity over time is something that non-poison dart frogs would find arduous, and rarely would be compelled to do...

      Scottie ^^
    • This is a wonderful idea for a story hook within game however, can you imagine being a mother who was unsure whether or not she would be able to nurse her child? What implication would this uncertainty cause during the process of selecting a suitable mate? How would the mother deal with such a situation during the process of making the child immune if it were to be role played in game? Would the parents need to keep plenty of antidote to the poison on hand, how much would it cost? Would the need for such a thing result in one or both of the parents becoming proficient in healing and or Alchemy with a specialization in poisons? Would the love for a non immune Janah of a different type out weigh the ease of mind and benefits for the children produced by a coupling with another poison arrow frog? Would these questions and obstacles cause others to view the poison arrow frog as an exotic thing which could never be possessed?
      These questions and the choices that players choose to make in order to attempt to solve these types of dilemmas within the game are the very essence of what makes the game of SHARD so much more than any other RPG in my experience.