Janah Prehistory

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    • Janah Prehistory

      OK I've mentioned this before but the feeling still hasn't gone away rereading the basic compendium's history of Dardunah and...I want more info on the Prehistoric and age of splendor times, in most mythologies the creation and otherwise early tales of how stuff came to be tend to be my favorites often because of how trippy they tend to be and also because of my artistic inclinations I like stories of creating things would really like some actual mythology of how the Devah introduced things to the Janah and some of the things spoken of in the compendium like...Kramah's Jealousy over Krilahrah's amorous adventures like are Kramah and Krilarah ever actually...An item or she just something Kramah always yearns for but never actually has her?
    • Then rest assured if you like information about the creation of things including nations and races, you will be most interested in the soon to come World Guide. It has so much fiction its actually amazing. In fact both Scott and myself were looking at some RPG books which were left by some friends of ours in the house they recently moved away from, and we were amazed at the utter inability they possessed to compete with our product. These were big name companies too, yet there was absolutely no innovation and even less desire to actually give a quality product.
      now back to your specific questions.... I can say that yes, Kramah and Krilarah are actually an item, think of them almost like a Zeus and Hera in greek mythology except it is Krilarah who has the wandering eye and is able to spur the jealousy of her mate instead of Zeus doing it to Hera.
    • We cover how the cities came to be located where they are and how those locations happen to be relatively safe from the native creatures of the world of shard, prompting the Janah to settle in them in the first place. You will notice that there are large areas of the world which do not have major cities and that is because those areas have yet to be domesticated and as such could have terrible creatures which would make the Janah into prey. I do not want to give away too much of what is in the new book so I will simply say that we will be releasing more tidbits of the history as we feel it is appropriate to wet the appetites of our followers and give you the first glimpses into what is contained within the pages of the World Guide.