Unluckiest Night of the Year

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    • Unluckiest Night of the Year

      While conceiving Si'Ni's character I toyed with the idea of her being born on...Trawmaistra...Did I spell that right? Decided no that's too much of a social H-Bomb and having Asperger's Syndrome in a society that doesn't even know what that is would be hard enough...Though I did start thinking about what happens when Sunborn particularly a next in line for the throne is born when the stars are out?
    • That's right, it's called Tamáystra (taw-MAY-straw) - The unluckiest night on Dárdünah, one when none of the three moons are visible in the sky and some of the stars can actually be seen. These stars are held to be the baleful eyes of demons, eager to possess victims.

      Being born on one of these nights is considered very bad luck, so there's no doubt that regardless of societal status a person born on such nights would be seen to be prone to ill fate, and no doubt under the baleful attention of wicked powers or foul spirits... Though high-caste individuals born under such circumstances would still certainly be treated with the respect their caste and titles deserve, there would certainly be whispers behind their back concerning the "shadow" that surely looms over their lives as a result of the unfortunate timing of their birth...
    • Teenage Mutant Sarpah wrote:

      Tamaystra is only given one mention in the glossary so easy to miss but has anyone ever played a PC born on this night? Or has an NPC born on this night ever figured into your games?
      As of yet, No player of mine has chosen to be born during that time of ill-luck, but I've certainly run games and demos where players were forced to go out and deal with baneful foes under those circumstances... Always "good times"... ^^
    • I do wonder since I'm a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series where belief can change reality (Deities only exist if people believe in them) since the realm of Dardunah is hinted to be someone's dream I do wonder if Tawmaystra is only bad luck because he Janah believe it is? I mean the whole situation is a toned down version of Isaac Asimov's Nightfall with it being once a year instead once every one thousand years

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