Vadoma of the Taskara

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    • Vadoma of the Taskara

      My first Shard character, Vadoma, the maned wolf. At 27 years old, Vadoma has for all her years bore the brunt of people's superstitions and lack of trust because of her piebaldism. Thankfully, being raised Taskara, her worth as a huntress is valued over the unsettling marking that covers her left eye. Not quick to trust but basically good natured, she's used to a hard but colorful life.
    • Delightfully wonderful!

      I love all the various details... Mulefoot had mentioned that the buckles are meant to be mother of pearl, which is an excellent visual replacement for the expectation of metal qualities. I can imagine the centipede broach being Amber, and the upper arm bands made of oiled suthra leather strips adorned with beads... The crystalline spear tip and the roughly carved jewel earrings are glorious as well! Even the handle of her weapon has that sheen of green scarab chitin...

      Beautifully done!

      Thanks for coming to experience our world!

      Scottie ^^